Intarwebz is back…

This gives a WHOLE new meaning to hold my beer and watch this…

Don’t know what was going on, but AT&T had a massive outage from Houston all the way up into OK, my bet is somebody cut a main fiber optic cable, somewhere…


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  1. You mean to say that the AT&T network is so fragile that some mental midget with a post hole digger and a mission can bring down the whole show from Houston to OK, and no one sees the obvious problem with this?

    We in Ohio had the infamous FirstEnergy Northeast Blackout of 2003, where the complete and total dumb asses at First Energy screwed the pooch and blamed a fallen tree limb across the wires. Now think: If an accident can bring down the power grid, how much fun could a towelhead with a chainsaw have on a muk muk high holiday?

    And those of you who find my politically incorrect post offensive for some reason can take it up with the blog owner, although I’m thinking that the majority of you don’t.

  2. Hey Old NFO;

    Several Months ago,I had a backhoe and a fiberoptic line occupy the same spot and it messed me up for several days

  3. Ed- Yep! 🙂 Gonna be hard to beat that one!

    MJ- Excellent point!

    Bob- Yep, I’m betting that’s what happened somewhere south of here.

  4. We were out for a few hours yesterday also. I’ve been working IT for the school district for 18 years and we’ve had someone test the outcome of a backhoe and a fiber optic line in each of those years. Score is backhoe 18 fiber optic line 0. I don’t expect the testing to cease or the results to change.

  5. Problems yesterday with internet here in west Michigan as well. Probably unrelated, but still, curious.