If you’re bored…

And live in the North Texas area…

Come visit myself, Peter and Dorothy Grant, Alma TC Boykin and Lawdog at AMA-Con 5-6 August at the Amarillo Convention Center.

We’ll have books to sell, or will be happy to sign books if you already have copies. We’ll be there 11-7 on Saturday and 12-6 on Sunday.

Tickets will be $5 for one day, $8 for both days.

Or if nothing else, come by and say hello! We’re trying something a little different with this con, since it’s not primarily book related.

One other thing I’d like to do is thank those who have been good enough to put up reviews for my books and stories. I could use a few more on Rimworld- Into the Green to get over the 50 reviews hump, and the reviews are starting to build for The Morning the Earth Shook. So far the reviews are pretty positive, but also honest, which I appreciate!

People I talked to at LibertyCon said that reviews are one of the biggest helps to an author, especially an Indie author without a big advertising budget. The other two things are cover art and blurbs. At least those two I have LOTS of help on!!! 🙂

And from the numbers I was told, e.g. <3% of readers do reviews, I consider myself pretty lucky, as I’m up around 5%. So thank you again!


If you’re bored… — 10 Comments

  1. I’d write a second review for each, if Amazon allowed it. You deserve all the nice things which are happening vis-a-vis your books.

  2. Pout, pout, pout. I’m going to miss it by that much.

  3. Ok, you and Kurt Schlichter are both waaay too realistic in your writing! I had been reading some of his stuff, then you released “The Morning the Earth Shook” and I read it. While on vacation at the Connecticut shore. It just felt highly realistic, especially given some conversations that were going on around the dinner table. (I love my family, even those who are liberal Californians). We basically agree to disagree. Keeps Thanksgiving and 60th Wedding Anniversary celebrations civil. Lol.

    So, I agree with Rev Paul, if I could do repeat reviews I would. And no, I haven’t done one for The Morning the Earth Shook…will do today. 🙂

  4. NFO, I will be visiting family in Texas in July, but sadly will have moved along before August. Another time, perhaps.

  5. wish i could make it and say howdy, just a bit out of my range

  6. Sorry, wish I could be there, but the following weekend is my oldest granddaughter’s wedding, and I’ve got to be there to explain The Rule to her intended. There’s a limited amount of vacation time available.

  7. I’d love to come see y’all, but 500 miles from Austin is a bit much for a weekend trip, even disregarding my church obligations on Sunday.

    Y’all have fun!