Good news???

There will be a Calexit Anthology!!!

The bad is that we’ll be indie publishing it… And probably not until October at the earliest…  Sigh…

As of today, I’ve got 19 folks that have expressed interest, and already have one complete story submitted, two chapters of another, and five other ‘plots’ that people are working on.

This could be FUN! And three female authors are contributing, which makes it even better, as I’m sure they will give us a different ‘look’ at the impact of Calexit.

Already looking at cover art, and it ‘may’ be similar to The Morning the Earth Shook.


Good news??? — 21 Comments

  1. Alrighty then; I’m going to have to start reading faster. And resolve to put your book (and Peter’s) on the top of the to-be-read-next pile.

  2. October is okay. Need to replenish the buy-book allowance so I can purchase this wonderful literary endeavor and contribute to the coffee-scotch authors fund.

  3. I’m working on it but have started twice and trashed both. I’m starting on a third. I feel the pressure.

  4. Waiting….. Still waiting…. How ’bout now?

    Just kidding! Can’t wait to read it, and if the introductory story was any indication, it’s going to be a BIG hit!

  5. Well We Are Waiting, October Is So Damn Far Away! Thanks for the update, will be waiting…..

  6. I should have the novel-in-progress done by Tuesday or Wednesday of next week, then I will finish the draft of the CalExit. I had to look up some technical data.

  7. As on of the people churning away on a short story – October isn’t particularly far away 😉

    OldNFO I’ll get you the updates we’ve chatted about, and a couple more chapters by Sunday. If work stays sane I should have my story complete minus any edits by EOM.

    I hope. 😀


  8. All- Thanks, and yes, looks like that anthology is dead McChuck. Sigh…

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  9. Hey Old NFO;

    I have an idea or 3 I will put together and see if they are viable or not.

  10. Just finished “The Morning the Earth Shook”. I must say, I was very disappointed. WAY too fast a read.