Kinda like the old days of dial up…

AT&T is acting like a ping pong ball, except without the old tones…

Maybe a 14.4 modem on a lousy line. Go read the folks on the sidebar, while I wait for AT&T to fix their problem… sigh



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  1. in the movie “The President’s Analyst”, which I recommend, a number of spies from various countries come to the conclusion that the common enemy is the phone company…

  2. My wife mentioned that AT$T has “High Speed” Internet where we’re moving to.

    Uhhhh….I don’t think so!

    I’d rather go with a smaller, local company like a couple that I’ve found.

    Sure gonna miss 150MB FiOS!

  3. Hey Old NFO;

    Well the 14.4 modem and playing Ping Pong should remind you of time gone by :D, egad, I actually remember that time when the internet was new and sparkled like the morning dew… Dog years have nothing on internet age.LOL

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