Project much???

Ah, the inevitable one star review showed up for The Morning the Earth Shook

And I quote-

Sorry, but this is just a load of far right nonsense and fits nicely with anyone that shares the current administration’s world view of America being overrun by immigrants, foreigners and liberals. Much of the same hyperbol that existed when certain groups of conservatives were advocating for Texas succeeding from the US while Obama was president. To be fair, I didn’t finish this angry screed so maybe Mr. Curtis toned down his rhetoric after a while. An interesting concept it’s just too bad that Mr. Curtis decided to use it as a soapbox to attack those that do not share his political views. 

I find it interesting that the reader never even finished it, but only read ‘some’ part of the novella. I hope this unsatisfied reader got his money back.

Angry screed? Really? I did nothing more than base the whole premise on what can be found in open literature on what the left would ‘like’ to do with California, and what a contingency plan for getting out of a bad location anywhere in the world might look like, from the Navy and Marine side of the equation. Do such plans exist? Hell yes… Just sayin’…

I know I can’t please everyone, and I’m not an SJW by any means. Anybody that reads my stuff knows that I am a patriot and conservative. But I DO respect everyone’s right to their opinion, and the ability to express it. So I won’t protest the review, nor will I ask for it to be taken down.


Project much??? — 25 Comments

  1. Well in his defense, he did not call you a racist, sexist and homophobe in the first sentence.

  2. Interesting that you use the word “project”.
    I came to the conclusion while we were discussing “Russia!” on the radio yesterday, that the left is projecting “Collusion” on the Trump admin because that is what they have been historically proven to do.
    Project racism on the party that opposed their racism.
    Project collusion when that is what Ted Kennedy tried to do.

  3. And his “review” is just a load of far left nonsense and fits nicely with anyone that shares the previous administration’s world view of America needing more immigrants, foreigners and liberals.

    And I agree with LL…..NEVER read the reviews!

  4. Jim, your one-star reviewer’s comments equates to a five-star review, from where I stand.
    Go get ’em!

  5. Except for the low rating, how exactly is this a negative review?

    It is the literary version of when the Southern Poverty Law Center calls your social group ‘racist’. Kinda makes me stop by and check out like-minded people.

    So, basically, ignore it or have fun with it. Sounds like you have more people reading your book than Melville had reading “Moby Dick” during his lifetime. (And your book is probably lots more interesting and readable.)

  6. The story is good. It is taking a bad situation and seeing how one way to combat it can occur.
    None of this might occur. The bases might just be given to mexafornia and all the personnel shipped off to other commands out of mexafornia by orders.
    However it goes I hope that while the military exits the state. They burn and slash everything and salt the earth behind them.
    I like the story very much. I still wanted to see how NAS Lemoore was able to get out and take the local vets and their families away to another state. Unless the vets fight for their land and possessions.

  7. With all due respect, sod the reviewer and his personal prejudices.

  8. I’m on five hours sleep and drinking wine. In the review, I spotted one spelling error and a malaprop. Am I missing anything else?

  9. LL- Normally I don’t, but that one got pointed out to me, and I just had to read it! 🙂

    Gerry/WSF/drjim- LOL, point!

    Ed- All true!

    drjim- see above…

    Fritz- I dropped a comment in there. 🙂

    Dan- Thanks!

    Andrew- Thanks, and yes, ignoring it is best. 😀

    Heltau- Thank you! Lemoore was an extraction, per SOP with Marine CH-53s. I just didn’t specify that. Those procedures are in place and exist for every ARG/ESG to pull folks out with limited possessions.

    Bill- Thanks…LOL

    Bad- Agreed! But he does have that right, and he is welcome to do it.

  10. First of all this is still a (mostly) free country and folks are entitled to their own opinions and choices, even when they are wrong.

    Second of all, why would anyone write a review when they hadn’t read the entire thing!! Especially a novella!! It only comes to a smidge over 1000 kindle pages, which is no where close to “real” pages!

    Thirdly, anyone who doesn’t think the .mil or .gov don’t have contingency plans for any and every possible disaster from alien invasions (the Martian kind) to walking zombies is just plain stupid. And, say it together class: Ya can’t fix stupid!! You can educate the uneducated, but no fixing stupid.

    I’m with Heltau: burn, blow up, slash, then salt heavily any military base we need to leave when/where unfriendly types kick us out, or try to overtake it. After we have taken ALL of our equipment, or as much as is humanly possible. I don’t care if it is in the Middle East, in the Stans, in Cali, or Louisiana. My taxpayer dollars at work!

    My guess is Mr. Negative just isn’t in to your type of writing. Which is fine. There are lots of other categories to choose from. All he has to do is “change the channel”. The dissing is just petty, especially since he didn’t bother to finish reading it.

  11. I’m all for Texas succeeding! Nothing succeeds like success!

  12. Last night I downloaded the Kindle version and finished it today, sitting on the deck in 110* weather and a few cold buds. Excellent!n Need more and left a 5 star review on Amazon. Keep it up!

  13. Sir, I’m sure your “one star reviewer” was just miffed because the story didn’t end with little unicorns leaping and cavorting about the landscape. Personally, I loved it. Keep ’em coming and I’ll keep reading ’em.

  14. If you noticed,he didn’t criticise the quality of writing.