Pot meet kettle…


Now up to SEVEN different investigations re Trump and Russia, but it seems that every time they find ‘footprints’ of the DNC or Dems, OR things that point back to the Clintons or Obama, that very conveniently gets dropped…

Anybody with two brain cells to rub together knows the USSR/Russia/Soviets have been trying to influence US and many other elections since the 1950s. And the US has been doing the same, even overthrowing a couple of governments over the years.

Obama gave a grant to Netanyahu’s opponents trying to influence the Israeli election in 2016 also… Link, HERE.

I guess since the Dems did it, it’s all okay, amiright???

And didn’t Obama himself come out and say there was nothing to the Russian hacking back in 2016, especially since it happened on HIS watch???

In other news, a Californicator congresscritter, Rep. Brad Sherman, has officially filed Articles of Impeachment against President Trump for his alleged interference with the FBI investigation into former national security adviser Flynn, and the firing of FBI director Comey.

Full article, HERE. And of course, ‘our’ own looney tune Texas Rep,  Dem Al Green, from Houston jumped onboard…


I’d love to be a fly on the wall for a conversation between him and Mack Thornberry, our North Texas Representative…


Pot meet kettle… — 7 Comments

  1. Jim;
    When discussing the actions and differences between our political parties one must always keep in mind the fact that
    “Things are different when you are a dimocrat”. Laws, rules, regulations, social mores do not apply to you. Apparently, the only concept that does apply is Machiavellian.

  2. That is all they have abetted by the swamp critters terrified of President Trump draining their swamp.

    Long term they will look even more foolish and solidify his support. The people who voted for him will be saying, “Yah, knew I was right. What a bunch of ass clowns”

  3. It won’t surprise me if the entire Dimocrit house of cards collapses in the near future. They’ve had nothing all along, and now everyone admits to seeing the ‘nothing’.

  4. OK, so I just don’t get the entire impeach Trump train. The first time I heard it, my thought was “on what grounds?” He hasn’t been in office long enough to do anything yet. Now, I’m kinda old—old enough to remember the entire Watergate and Nixon brouhaha. So after I read your links, I went wandering around the internet to look up what the Constitution says, and than to look up the legal definitions of the terms High crimes and misdemeanors, conduct unbecoming, treason, bribery, and obstruction of justice. And found some interesting history along the way.

    I did not realize/remember that federal judges could also be impeached, so I would think if I was a federal judge I would be pretty careful about how I ruled on travel bans when the Constitution says clearly that the President is responsible for maintaining safety of the country. Anyway…

    I would think it to be pretty sad to impeach ANYone just because you felt scared when they were talking with you about on-going investigations. I can think of much stronger/scarier words than “I hoped” you would stop doing something. Maybe I’ve watched too many Hollywood movies or read too many cop/thriller/spy novels. Just doesn’t sound scary to me. And if Comey was scared (which I doubt), he didn’t report the conversation to anyone else, nor did he stop the investigation…so he couldn’t have been too scared.

    I still think the entire thing is just powerful, complacent people (swamp critters)(progressives) stamping their feet and pouting because their mule lost. I also think that if the shoe was on the other foot, there would be all sorts of yelling and pounding of fists going on.

    My knee jerk reaction is still “Suck it up Buttercup, ya lost! Put on your big boy pants, and get some work done for your constituents, instead of your own self interest. Stop obstructing the will of the People, and get going on the President’s agenda!!

    After all, if he is as incompetent as everyone says he is, wouldn’t that show up in his policies? Then that could be used against the Republicans in the midterms…everyone always says politicians are always thinking ahead to the next election…sounds to me like the D’s are really scared that “the Donald” might not be the buffoon everyone thought.

    • Remember that Watergate was about a breakin by RNC operatives to see if the DNC was colluding with the Russians. They suspected so.
      It has since been proven that 12 yrs later, Ted Kennedy tried to collude with Andropov to sway the race between Reagan and himself.

      • I thought that a big part of the break in was to tap the phones to try to catch the leaker of the Pentagon papers, Daniel Ellsberg. I could be wrong, I was born in 1960, so I was but a lad. I am quite disgusted by a lot of the actions of the left, even my friends. I posted about the left and their two faced actions about the entire election and how the Clintons and Obama were much more corrupt than Trump’s administration could ever begin to be. Some of my friends from high school attacked me,saying basically that whenever Trump is caught with his finger in the cookie jar, the reaction is to blame the Democrats, which is wrong. And the next friend would then get worse, and the a tag team of sorts. I give up. I am convinced that the entire left is made up of totally mentally ill people, who are in need of medical help, before they lose what little sanity they have and begin a war against the right. I actually feel sorry for them. I don’t think they will ever get over losing the election.