Range time…

102 on the range today…

Just a ‘tad’ warm! Did a little old school, and some ‘new’ school…

A little over 100 rounds, and it truly sucks when your hands are sweaty and the sweat is running into your eyes. I did pretty well at 5, 7, and 10 yards until the last mag, when I dropped four rounds. I was regripping and trying to blink the sweat away, but it obviously didn’t work real well… Sigh…

And that SAA at 10 yards was ‘interesting’ to shoot offhand as sweaty as it was, but I did keep them on target! 🙂

Not something I’d recommend, but I wanted to see what/if I could handle the heat and shoot successfully (there is no cover at the range). Much like winter shooting, it’s an ‘acquired’ taste, mostly salty… sigh..

And Jim Jim got his bi-annual post up, HERE! 🙂


Range time… — 17 Comments

  1. Anybody can train to shoot in ideal conditions, but it takes a true masochist to push the boundaries of performance in the quest to understand what your body and your tools can do in the extremes.

    Or to paraphrase an old adage “Only mad dogs and OldNFO go out in the noon day sun”.

  2. “It’s not always going to be a sunny day” is my motto. In recent the years the outdoor range we shoot at has started closing when it rains or snows. That’s been disappointing. It used to be that I never cancelled a range trip due to weather. (It also meant I didn’t have to deal with other people!) I’ve lost one phone to rain when I left it in my pants pocket when shooting.

    And, nice shooting BTW.


  3. Ray- LOL, yep, a tad stupid…

    David- Good point, and thanks!

    LL/WSF- Yep, trying… Thanks!

  4. Hey Old NFO;

    I know the feeling when I went to the range a few weeks ago and the fog from the humidity and the sweat prevented my shooting at the end. I suppose I could have removed the safety glasses and kept going but range rules are kinda strict and getting kicked off wasn’t what I had in mind. And shooting offhand is a good trait to pick up in case your “gun” hand is unavailable.

  5. The first time I took my 1911A1 to the range, it was -11°. I loved it, and enjoyed having the place to myself for the first hour. Even the range officers wouldn’t leave the office. Okay, it’s not for everyone, but I had a great time. 🙂

  6. Even with sweat in your eyes, the four low shots would still give the peep pause to reflect on the pain and give you time to re-aim to center mass.

  7. Hey Jim, Is that an older model Ruger target pistol on the right? I just bought two days ago, a model Mark IV for my youngest granddaughter! Well she can’t have it till she is 21 and passes the tests this asshole state has in place. I have been carrying for the last forty years without benefit of their sanctification! I own absolutely NO real property nor any other gun any more, so all they can do to me is feed me and house me and give me free medical care if I so need it while being locked up! If they ask I will just tell them that it was the writers of the constitution that gives me the right to carry, and that their “infringement” on that right is totally illegal, PERIOD!!
    Probably be making my next comment from the jail house after the snoopers get thru reading this one! See Ya!

  8. Good on you. Train for the conditions you might have to fight in.

    And is that SAA the one you were issued when you rode with the Rangers? 😀

  9. Could have been the jungles of SEA, with little brown enemies shooting back at you. !20F 90% humidity, and snakes, n other angry wildlife, besides an enemy.


  10. Any day at the range is a good day. If you shoot well, it gives you warm fuzzies, and if you shoot poorly, it gives you an excuse to go back out real soon! It’s a win-win, in my book!

  11. Bob- Yep, exactly… sigh

    Rev- LOL, I don’t blame him! 😀

    CP- That was a combination of slick grips and sweat in the eyes. But at least I was minute of bad guy!

    Ev- Actually it’s a Ruger 22/45. I had the trigger redone, and front red dot added to match the sight picture and trigger pull of my carry pistols. It has a Volquartsen adjustable trigger set to 4.5lbs.

    Murph/Gomez- LOL, actually that’s the one I picked up for $250 at Fairfax…

    RB- True! And everything over there WAS trying to kill us!!!

    RS- Good point!

    Ed- I’ll pass…LOL

  12. Jeeze, I’ve lived in Western Washington long enough now that 80 degrees seems like “to much”…

    I still enjoyed my Range Dayon Thursday, though.

  13. Looks like “he” would have been taken out, a successful shoot.I have blazed away at 40 below and 100 above, gotta shoot when you can which reminded me of the time I was sailing my Cabot 36 from Bermuda to San Salvador island and right there in the middle of the Atlantic a 4 foot fluorescent tube is floating by. I went below, brought out my S&W model 32 and sent it to Davey Jones locker in one shot.