I do like to cook on occasion, and I’m not above freely stealing recipes other bloggers have posted, like Brigid back in the day, Miguel, and others…

Miguel posted a recipe for a Tortilla Española. I had all the stuff, and it’s a weekend, so why not!

Well, I used his recipe, and the recipe is GREAT! However, my execution left a ‘bit’ to be desired… Sigh…

I kinda approximated the amounts by looking at the amounts he had in the pictures, and ‘might’ have had a little too much filling! I ended up having to use 8 eggs to cover it all.

OBTW, they use Frittata pans for a reason. I didn’t have any, so tried to use two frying pans. Which WOULD have worked, had one not stuck… LOL
Damn, what a mess! At least half of it looked kinda like it was supposed to… 🙂
But it was damn good anyway!


Sigh… — 13 Comments

  1. How it tastes is what matters.

    And for the record, I think that it looks good.

  2. Hey Old NFO;

    It looked fine and if it tasted good, then that is all that matters, looked like you had enough to feed a lot of people. And get a frittata pan for next time, lol

  3. For the record, he did better on his first go around than me… and I had my sainted mother as Tortilla Sensei. Half of my first one ended on the floor and the other half was way “overcooked”… which is why at 85 years of age, mom still does it herself. She will only relinquish it to my wife who she claims makes them perfect.

    So, standing ovation for Jim!

  4. Didn’t know there was such a thing as a frittata pan. Always cooked mine in a 9×13 casserole dish. But what do I know? I’m Swedish, Irish and Scots. Lol.

    DH is always saying that looks only matter on the cooking shows, the important thing is it tastes good. But, I confess, I do “eat” a lot of food with my eyes before I let my mouth taste it. 🙂

  5. LL- It tasted better than it looked, for sure!

    Bob- Yeah, gotta order a pan, since 1/4 of it ended up on the floor and in the stove… sigh

    Ed- Miguel’s recipe is EXCELLENT!

    Brig- LOL, true!

    Miguel- Thank you! Please tell her that we truly enjoyed her recipe! And yes, we used GOOD Chorizo!

  6. I make my frittatas in a cast iron skillet. Once it’s setting on the bottom, I finish it under the broiler.

    • Which, now that I look at the recipe, is not an entirely helpful comment. That looks really yummy, but it is not a frittata.

  7. Suz- LOL, yep, ‘eye candy’ does play into food…

    JMI- Nope! 😀 But it’s STILL damn good!

  8. Yummy!Why you teasing us like this. Good thing they don’t have smellavision because that would add to the torture.

  9. Fargo- Just use the RIGHT pans… Don’t try this at home with regular frying pans (it gets MESSY)!!!