Sig P320 issue…

It appears there IS truth to the ‘rumor’ of Sig P320s firing when dropped…

The Firearms blog picked up on it, HERE.  And posted Sig’s response, HERE.

But Omaha Outdoors did their own test… Results below…

Hopefully, Sig will take action to remedy this.

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Sig P320 issue… — 10 Comments

  1. That’s why all my 1911s have titanium firing pins, it makes a drop-fire much less likely. Of course, they also have firing pin-block arrangements (Kimber uses the old Swartz design, and adds a firing pin block to the grip safety, as opposed to Colt’s Series 80 design).

    But when the Senior Minions get their SR1911 LW commanders, they will have titanium firing pins, and heavier springs.

  2. I’m going to show my ignorance here.
    If the P320 is DA/SA, then the first trigger pull “sets” the striker, but every shot after sets it automatically.
    Without a decocker, how do you “unset” the striker before holstering?
    With my Kahr DAO I have avoided all this.

    • The P320 isn’t DA/SA. It’s striker-fired. People like to try classifying striker-fired actions into the DA/SA spectrum, but they don’t fit. Depending on the gun they’re either partially or fully cocked until you pull the trigger on an empty chamber.

  3. *mutter-mutter* 1911!
    *grumble-grumble* Single action army!

    SRSLY: This is the Army’s newest sidearm? Did no one do a drop? Someone at Aberdeen needs a new posting … to the Aleutians.

    • The Army’s version apparently doesn’t have the issue. The fix Sig is talking about doing is updating the others to use the Army internals.

  4. Hey Old NFO;

    I saw the controversy all over the gun blogs and a lot of people are having a field day with this. The meme are fast and furious, not up to the par of the CNN meme’s but they are entertaining.

  5. Not to discount the work that Omaha put into figuring out this problem, but after watching the video, I’m wondering if there’s a QA issue with the internal metal frame assembly.