Well, AMA-Con was a learning experience. We made table money, but that was about it…

But it was an interesting weekend, anyway… It’s always both an honor, and very humbling to meet actual readers. And we did have a couple stop by the table, so that was really nice! And I didn’t get chewed out this time for killing Juanita!!!

Things seen in included-

Sumdood’s “camo” pickup, seen at the hotel… Sigh…

And costumes at the con- These two were excellent! And homemade! The guy was on overturned 5 gal buckets to get him up to the ‘height’ required!

And the cutest was this young lady and her baby… Apparently this is a Game of Thrones thing, but since I don’t watch it, I didn’t know that. She said she got the baby’s costume off Amazon! 🙂

We’re back home, safe and sound and NO tickets! Thanks to Alma for the local course knowledge and the good suggestions for the restaurants, and last but not least, I’ve got to give a shout out to Rachel Caine, a NYT best selling author who was there. She actually came over and bought some of our books yesterday afternoon.

She is one classy lady! Her website is HERE, and her latest, Stillhouse Lake looks very interesting! I haven’t gotten a chance to dig into it yet, but I will.


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  1. It was JJ’s and my pleasure to meet y’all at the Ama-Con! We are turning our friends and acquaintances on to the books of the North Texas Writers’ Association. 🙂

  2. It’s not a camo truck, it’s an homage to Matisse. Or he’s counting on the entirety of Opfor being color blind.

    Glad to hear you had a good trip and are back home safely with your insurance rates unmolested. I think the young lady’s Daenerys outfit was purchased off the web as well, but she gets extra points (hell, all the points) for the baby-dragon thing which is both cute and brilliant.

  3. We all learned, we planted seeds, and the lady, Mary Andrews, in the booth next door gave Dorothy Grant a lot of excellent advice about booth displays and how to catch eyes and pitch your products.

  4. How fun! Love the costumes. And yes, you need to start at the beginning of Game of Thrones and watch it to the new season. It is most excellent. Then…Longmire. Or do both. LOL

  5. Rev- Good point!

    Jenn- It actually was! 🙂

    Barry- Thank you, sir! It was truly a pleasure to meet y’all!

    Mike- Most probably, but still a winner!!! 😀

    TXRed- Thanks, I missed that part!

    Randy- Yep, all in all, ‘worth’ the money!

    Fargo- Don’t do episodic TV, I got out of the habit years ago, and most of the stuff on today, I have NO desire to watch… sigh

  6. Hey Old NFO;

    Looks like you did have a good time at the amarillo ama-con. part of the entertainment is meeting the people there especially in costume. Y’all networked and set the stage for future endeavors, not a bad thing. Also the camo truck, you would totally rock that one. I can see you putting pasties on your ride now. Lol

  7. The young lady and baby in dragon garb photo is very nice. The camo truck could be seen, so how good is it really?

    You’re putting your name out there and hanging with friends. What better way to spend time? Ok, writing, or shooting – but beside that?

  8. Thanks for the help with logistics, and the driving! Learned a lot, did my best to hawk all our wares, and had a good time. Even if Peter’s wallet is grumbling about the extras I brought home.

    And I stayed away from the booth with the steampunk corsets with attachable wings!

  9. Getting your books out there via meeting readers is good. They tell friends and it snowballs from there.

  10. Grandpa used to say that if you do a good job for someone, they’ll tell someone else, but if you do a crappy job for someone, they’ll tell everybody! Sounds like writing is in that same boat!