AMA-Con update…

Well, this has been interesting…

This was the table set up, and we did get traffic. Direct sales were a little slow, but we were handing out cards for the kindle versions, so we’re hoping for some follow up sales from that.

There were some ‘interesting’ costumes, to put it mildly. But the winner, IMHO, was the R2D2, repurposed as a minion. By the way, it was a 3 foot high RC version…

In any case, we are having fun. 🙂 And meeting readers!!!


AMA-Con update… — 13 Comments

  1. Nice set up there. I’ve got most of those …
    Also nice of y’all to sell some of Alma’s books there for her.

  2. McC- See above. 🙂 Alma and Dot did most of the selling, Lawdog, Peter, and I kinda sat back and smiled when pointed out. Dot and Alma did a helluva job coming up with ‘elevator’ pitches for all the books, except for forgetting to take credit for the ones THEY wrote… sigh

    WSF- If we break even, I’ll be happy!

  3. Hey Old NFO;

    Well meeting readers and possible readers is a good thing, people are more likely to buy if there is a personal connection rather than an amazon ad. Just a thought…..

  4. Planting seeds leads to harvest. Just a thought. But it always helps to meet-and-greet, and to get folks talking.

  5. JL,
    If I drive over to see you can would you have a set of Grey Man dead tree I could get with signature? Including the soon to be released 5th of the series?