What is wrong with these idjits…

MADISON, Wis. — Democrats pushed back Thursday against a Republican measure that would allow Wisconsin high schools to offer gun safety courses, arguing such classes aren’t appropriate and could generate fear in classrooms.

Full article, HERE.

I think this is more about Progressives preferring to keep seeing the occasional mishap due to violations of the four rules than risking more pro 2A voters as youngsters grow up not being afraid of firearms, AND using them RESPONSIBLY!

I’m gonna go try and sell some books… Gotta give Dot credit for the elevator line for The Grey Man series, it’s Cowboys vs. Drug dealers! I LIKE it!



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  2. It seems that the anti gun folks have decided that they have to kill the gun culture at a young age. You can’t ban guns without making them evil first. So any positive program that would increase safety and the popularity of the shooting sports has to be killed so that they can advance their agenda.

  3. They teach driver’s education in school so that young people learn how to operate a motor vehicle safely.

    There is sex education in school so that young people understand about the dangers associated with sexual intercourse and STDs.

    Health classes are taught with the end in mind that young people understand how to care for their bodies.

    In the same way, firearms safety should be taught. It allows young people to understand how to safely handle, load and unload and shoot firearms. Progs would say that should never happen, but we register for the draft… And when they need young people to potentially lay down their lives for their country, they teach them to safely handle, load, unload and discharge firearms.

    The logic that underpins safety and safe operation is unassailable.

    They should also teach history. Free people own firearms. Slaves are never allowed to be armed by their masters/betters. And to that end, I’m always ticked off at how the Jews teach the holocaust. If they had been armed as free men and women, it wouldn’t have happened.

  4. Ray- Good point!

    LL- Agreed! And I’d add they need to start teach CIVICS again too… That whole rights/responsibilities and Constitution thingie… sigh

  5. Couple of thoughts — one on the last comment on the insert “so you’re afraid that a tyrant…” etc. Indeed so, and the tyrant is the oligopoly of the liberal left: you will do it my way, or else.

    On the European history/Jews. I’m sure that LL is aware of this, but the various European dictatorships — particularly Stalin, Hitler and much less effectively Mussolini — were predicated on first making sure that the peasant classes — not just Jews — were disarmed. The entire sweep of European history is characterized by a warrior class — usually, but not always, an hereditary aristocracy — which coerced a disarmed peasant class (in exchange for defending them from the next warrior group over). A goodly part of what makes the US distinctive — even from Canada — is that it was settled and organized by people who were willing and ready and able to defend themselves, thank you very much, and were not dependent on outside existence. As one may easily note, the modern tendency in the US, particularly in the metropolitan areas, is towards the European model.

    I could go on… but as someone said, it’s worth learning about the history of this country, and something about Civics.

  6. Bother spell check. That should be “assistance” not “existence” in the fourth line from the bottom…

  7. Hey Old NFO;

    A couple of thought, the democrats still are entrenched in Wisconsin, especially in the school system. You are spot on about training them early, That is why I like to do the cub scout and boy scout ranges, I am keeping the sport alive for the next generation and I stress the “Don’t touch, find an adult”.

  8. Every comment I imagined before typing has already been said by others in earlier time zones. Bother. 🙂 So … Appleseed Project. All those things in one weekend class, plus shooty goodness.

  9. I still can’t wrap my head around the (P)regressive mind set. Where I grew up, there was a rifle above every front door. In something like ten years there was one murder. A man was beating his common law wife and she did a Lizzy Borden on him. Used a large butcher knife as I recall.

  10. See, we need to have classes on how to handle large butcher knives!! Oh, wait…it used to be called home ec, and they don’t teach that any longer in many schools, or shop either because those are sexist subjects. Never mind that EVERYONE likes to eat, and most drive a car…

    Common sense is not common anymore!! Civics would certainly be a good place to start, as would subjects that gave folks skills for leading an independent adult life. However, as long as the progressive types are in charge, it wont happen. They want folks dependent on the .gov. and the MSM to do our thinking for us.

    Hope it is going well for you all at the signing…

  11. Took four young men shooting today. One of them is the son of two (liberal) teachers. All four were completely stoked by shooting semi-auto firearms at bottles of water. They commented that it was WAY more fun than video games, especially after they watched the gallon milk jugs cartwheel twenty feet into the air.

    We can win this, one young person at a time.

  12. My personal version is “We know that the Second Amendment was passed to ensure that citizens would have easy, legal access to military grade weapons. The debates on the Bill of Rights are well documented. The Constitution itself contains a procedure for amendment. All gun control arguments are attempts to weasel around the necessity of passing such an amendment. So, either propose an Amendment to the Constitution making gun control legal, or admit that you are a scofflaw.”

    at this point sputtering usually ensues.

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