Thoughts on Charlottesville…

A question nobody is asking, at least in public, but I can’t help but wonder if?

McAuliffe actually wanted the confrontation to happen?

He is, and always has been, a Clintonista… He will do anything to advance the Dems/Clinton’s agenda.

Why am I going there, you might ask?

Well, McAuliffe actually had the National Guard on standby in Charlottesville, but didn’t deploy them even AFTER the fit hit the shan… Article, HERE. And there’s at least one report that the LEOs and VSP were told to stand down and back off, can’t confirm who gave that order.

One side had a permit, the white nationalists. Antifa, et al just showed up. NEITHER side stands for the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, or anything most Americans believe. I think they should ALL be in prison from the get go, but that’s just grumpy old me…

It was left up to the LEOs from Charlottesville and VSP to separate the mobs. The Guard could have prevented the two from EVER interacting, which would have prevented the entire situation. However, once the conflict started, the groups were finally separated, and apparently both groups were marching/straggling toward another park when the car plowed into the crowd. At that point, the President made the following statement, not knowing who had hit whom-

“We condemn in the strongest possible terms this egregious display of hatred, bigotry and violence on many sides, on many sides,” the president said. “It has been going on for a long time in our country — not Donald Trump, not Barack Obama. “It has been going on for a long, long time. It has no place in America.”

Of course the left immediately decried it, saying he should have singled out the white supremacists! However the left wants to try to twist it, there was, and has been violence from the left, Antifa among others that is just as bad. I personally believe the President was right to call out BOTH sides.

It is interesting to note that the MSM/left/Dems did the SAME thing, almost in the exact language, when the Bernie fanatic shot Scallise, and Obama couldn’t find a ‘motive’ for the DPD shootings… Nor was there any outcry about the Berkeley riots.

The other ‘odd’ thing, at least in my mind, is how the driver was arrested and suddenly his facebook account was deleted, yet he was in custody! Who had access, and what was in there? Was he another Bernie fan???

And since I’m on odd things, why is there no mention of Antifa being in Charlottesville? Calling them counter protesters doesn’t hide their true identity! Frankly, I’m glad to see DOJ jumping into this one with both feet! Maybe we’ll actually find out who was there on BOTH sides, and from where. And maybe a lot more folks are going to get locked up!!!

Federal Grand Juries are not like most, in that you don’t have a choice about testifying or not. If you don’t you go to jail until you do testify. And these would be federal charges, much like what happened in DC during the inauguration!

Speaking of which, it looks like there will be trials starting later in the year, with even MORE charges against the rioters. It appears six have already pled and are the minority. Article, HERE.

One wonders if any of those protesters showed up in Charlottesville?

It is time for Conservatives to wake up and understand that they are being gamed.  The progressive agenda is not going away; it has been around for more than a hundred years, eroding our rights bit by bit…

Your thoughts?


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  1. It becomes harder and harder to keep to Napoleon’s dictum of never ascribing to malice what can be adequately explained by stupidity.

    I also wouldn’t put past certain parties rolling the dice to see if their thugs can take care of the opposing thugs. The amount of playing with fire going on would have even hardcore pyromaniacs saying, “take it easy.”

  2. Antifa is magically transformed into an anti-Nazi group bravely fighting for Mom, apple pie and the American way.

    Trump condemns violence and the press say he didn’t say anything.

    The media sucks PERIOD.

  3. I honestly believe that violence should be met with violence. They are doing stuff because they know they can get away with it. If they start bleeding and dying, and the courts back up the police and/or Guard, then this stuff will die down. They are cowards, and cowards will not do anything that will get them hurt.

  4. Old NFO, you nailed my thoughts exactly. We know the media is not to be trusted. The immediate attack of the white nationalists is a flag to me. The name calling of the Alt-Right is a smear tactic. And lets not forget this originated over the tentative removal of the Gen. RE Lee statue, which IMHO, is wrong. It is simply a fact of history and current sentiments, from asswipes, does not give them the right to change things in someone else’s backyard.

    I call it freedom of speech. Pure and simple. And I did consider that da Govna was a Clintonista. This was a choreographed event to further the attacks on Pres. Trump. Never let a crisis go to waste even if you have to create them yourself!

  5. Re posting what I put on Peter’s site.

    Any city ought to agree with protest/ counter protest but only at our designated location. Find an old sports arena. Herd both groups into it, shut and lock the doors and let them have at it for the next 24 hours. Whatever happens, clean up and call it good. Survivors get to walk out. Call it good.

    Both sides of this event are hate mongers. Both sides want statist authoritarian government according to their own beliefs. Both sides want speech control, both want social control, both are equally evil. The only problem is the current leftist control of local government and the media sides with the “counter protesters” who are really antifa groups. Antifa are the equivalent to the communist groups in 20s and 30s europe and the White Nationalists are close to the National Socialists. Now as back then both groups offer the same excrement.

    As Solomon said. There is nothing new under the sun.

    One more thing. Safety tip #1. Stay away from large groups of STUPID people

    • Oooooh. Positively Byzantine.

      I can hear the shouts now, “Nika, Nika.”

  6. Odysseus- Can’t disagree…

    Gerry- Exactly!

    CP- Agreed, they just want to hurt others, then go home to mommy’s basement…

    Lets- Excellent point!

    Houston- THAT I could get behind!

  7. “Make no mistake this mayor knows exactly what he’s doing. Charlotte was a confirmation that no matter how far leftists go they will not be blamed. Now they can tear down memorials with impunity and anyone who fights back will labeled an extremist of the highest order. And if any non-lefty is actually peaceful about it by God the liberals will make sure to start something.

    The Russian narrative is collapsing as we speak. Look for the left to try anything and everything to pin on Trump to get him out. And look to the establishment, deep staters and media to support them 100%. Unless Trump starts going full tilt after these loons and forcing the law to be followed I fully expect multiple Charlottes every month leading right up until election day. And depending on how that goes, I expect it to get worse.

    Comment from here–

  8. Ever notice that most of these “Protests” IE Riots are in Democratically controlled parts of the Country (except for Austin Texas). There is almost always an order to the police to stand down subsequently the Riot explodes.Interesting coincidence isn’t it

    • Sabre, don’t know where ya been lately but Austin IS “Democratically controlled” and has been for far too long.
      You are correct regarding the locations of the ‘riots’. But don’t forget that there were ‘similar’ demonstrations yesterday both in San Antonio and Seattle and there were few problems, mainly ‘cuz the coppers were not told to ‘stand down’ and kept the groups separated.

      • Sorry did not know that i will do more research before posting Thank you

  9. Can’t argue with a single thought you expressed here. Useful idiots will continue to be used, as long as that remains useful to the organizers behind the scenes. Those who are unable to think for themselves will always be cannon fodder for those who are.

    • Wasn’t it the ‘original’ uncle joe who dubbed them as ‘useful idiots’? They will continue to be so until they learn to think for themselves rather than following the piper who spouts the slogans they have been indoctrinated with since day one.

  10. Part of me is going, “NAZIs vs Soviet Commies, how Eastern Front.” Lack of caring behind either group is showing.

    And, as you said, lack of official caring by the local and state government until after the incident, lack of following the ‘rule of law’ which resulted in three deaths and many injured. That is the real crime.

    By the way, never point out to a group of skin-heads last year that their spiritual leader wasn’t Hitler, it was Woodrow Wilson, with the Angel of Sanger hanging over his shoulder. Bad idea. That whole “Those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it” thingy.

  11. Andrew – You can’t possibly blame a helicopter crash on protest organizers. Unless you have some sort of evidence that the protesters shot it down.

    • Sorry but by default Andrew is correct – that helo would never have been in the area had not the ‘protests’ ever happened.

      • Exactly. I place it under the same rules that call it homicide if a person dies from a heart attack during the commission of a crime.

        Still a death due to the illegal and immoral actions of the mayor and the governor.

  12. RHT- Agreed, and I saw that at Kenny’s blog.

    Saber/Gomez- Y’all are both right! Sigh

    Rev- And that is ALL they are… Stupid cannon fodder!

    Andrew/McChuck- Only one ‘actual’ death. Sadly the VSP officers were ‘collateral damage’ in this case. Still waiting to see the actual cause on that one.

  13. > [paraphrased] Did McAuliffe want this to happen?
    The exact result? Who knows, probably not. But someone on the counterprotestor side getting seriously injured or killed? Of course! With respect, that’s a “well, duh!” speculation.

    I ranted the following rant at Kenny’s place, but what the heck, here goes: So yesterday I heard Senator Cory Gardner (R, CO) stating that Fields driving into the crowd was an act of “white supremacist terrorism.” Really, Senator? You people can’t figure out why Nidal Hasan shot up Ft Hood, or determine whether a racially-motivated crime occurred when a black perpetrator says flat out “I [shot/beat/raped/whatever] her because she’s white,” but you magically know what motivated an idiot such as Fields to drive into a crowd of other idiots.

    Really. And then you and your enablers have the sheer gall to whinge about how you aren’t trusted, loved, beloved by we dirt people.

  14. There were no innocent people in that crowd of BLM/ANTIFA. And the guy in the car deserves whatever he’s convicted of.

    That said, the Left now has their narrative. They drew first blood, but “we” put the first one on a slab. The facts don’t matter anymore, ANTIFA is now on the side of the angels, just where the MSM wants them.

  15. I would agree with most everything above, but my question is while everyone is focusing on VA, what is the other hand doing? The media doesn’t have much else to rant about. Both sides of the aisle agree there was no Russian collusion on Trump’s side, the unemployment numbers are at the lowest point in more than a decade, the stock market is up, North Korea might have said that was spouting nonsense when Trump talked about fire and fury, but the little fat boy has decided to “continue watching the US”.

    So what is the MSM going to talk about 24-7? The deficit? The massive failure of Obamacare? The fact that the North Koreans have nuclear weapons after Bill said “No worries”? Hillary’s multiple scandals? That just wont do as all of those problems have their roots in Democratic policies and “fixes”. Can’t have that!!

    Instead, the MSM starts stirring the pot about Generals who have been dead for over a hundred years, and when folks get upset, then those folks are the problem! They are the haters!! The MSM and the PC progressive crowd want a hive mentality, where everyone thinks the same, behaves the same, and unicorns fart rainbows.

    The problem is the United States of America is made up of a wide range of diverse, and varied peoples, all most all of whom came to this country from someplace else, or their parents or ever-so-great grandparents did. Which means this country was settled by folks who were independent, and independent minded, who thought outside the box. Most of todays population have inherited those independent, free-thinking feisty genes. So it makes it very difficult to turn the country into the Borg. Not that they haven’t tried, but I’m guessing if the TV lights were turned onto other issues, not many, outside of law enforcement, would give a rat’s fanny for either BLM or Antifa, or the “Alt-right”, all of whom to me look like Socialists/Marxists/Communists of old.

  16. Mike- Excellent point.

    Heath- Sadly, you’re right… dammit!

    Suz- On the money! And agree with you, they have to push the agenda they created… sigh

  17. The Klan said back in July, before their permit was delayed,:
    “It’s an open-carry state, so our members will be armed,” said James Moore, a member of the Loyal White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, which is headquartered in Pelham, N.C., near the Virginia border. Moore said that if members are attacked, they will defend themselves.

    That the protest would be a conflict was no surprise to anyone in the know.
    That they withheld fire was the surprise.

    Was the car driver really a proven Trump hating lib? It seems so.

  18. McAuliffe will use the Confederate statues/Nazi issues during his 2020 campaign for Senate/White House.
    As a Clintonista he will use ANYTHING, including the death of others, to advance his cause. And if he has to cause that death … well, the ends justify the means. Just ask Bill and Hillary.

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  20. Did someone say Commissar Mculiffe and his Virstopo?

    Yep, he had to show his loyalty for the next Running of the Identities, non-cishet non-white non-male Identities that is.