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Still not commenting on Las Vegas, waiting for real information, not speculation…

The NFL was down yet again this week, as noted by Sports Media Watch, HERE.

And ticket sales are apparently also down, as reported by various credible outlets,

While we can’t specify if this decrease is due to the president’s comments, player and owner protests, play on the field, or simply the continued division of consumer’s media attention, the conversation around the NFL this week has focused on the president’s comments as well as the players’ and owners’ reaction. As viewers continue to abandon their NFL Sunday habits, both the number of ticket sales and the purchase price of tickets will drop

Full articles HERE, and HERE.

And even CBS had to admit it…

NFL ticket sales at TickPick slumped 17.9 percent this week compared with the prior week, their steepest decline since 2014, while sales at TicketCity plunged 31 percent. For pro football games in September, ticket sales at TicketCity are down 16 percent from a year ago. TickPick’s NFL sales rose this month, but by the smallest margin since 2015. The vendors’ data reflect tickets sold in the secondary market, as opposed to direct sales from NFL teams. 

Full article HERE.

And apparently some player or players STILL knelt or sat on Monday night (not that I watched or cared)…


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  1. If you like football there are lots of other options than the NFL. College, high school, pee-wee. I’m guessing they would be less expensive options as well.

    Personally, I’m curling up with a good book after I finish clearing out the garden for winter. Must be I’m not the only one…

  2. I have no use for NFL. I have no use for this rampant stupid assed news headlines and articles about Vegas. I think that journalists are getting stupider. That is a word. I just want to shake the money tree and start over with real facts. Is that too much to ask? And the conspiracy theories are over the top. Ok. I’m done being a jack wagon.

  3. Suz- Agreed!

    Fargo- No, you are on the money… Shake harder! 🙂 And yes, the conspiracy theories are just F’ing crazy, second gunman, who killed him and escaped, yada, yada, yada!!!

  4. My last set of days off, I took a bit of time, and contacted all the corporate sponsors of the NFL, and advised them that I would no longer buy or use their goods, products or services. Told them that they could do whatever they wanted with that information, I would not presume to dictate someone else’s conscience, but neither would I let them dictate mine.

    Then called Dish, and told them that I wanted ESPN removed from my channel package, and my bill lowered by at least $7.00 per month, to reflect the amount that they pay ESPN on my behalf. When they said that they couldn’t do that, I politely explained that if they couldn’t get ESPN off my bill, that I could, and the rest of the Dish program as well, and that they had until the end of this month to decide which was worth more to them.

    Probably pissing into the wind, but I don’t care. It’s time these clowns learned how the circus actually works!

  5. Hey Old NFO;
    I have totally passed on the NFL, the SJW’s are all supporting the football players virtue signalling but the SJW’s don’t go to football games or buy the merchandise. That is something the NFL hasn’t figured out that they are pissing off a huge part of their fan base.

  6. The NFL is, like most group-think organizations, totally unable to to understand “cause and effect”

  7. Not an NFL fan, they lost me way back. Would much rather be watching the grandkids play sports.

  8. I’ve always preferred the NFL over college. But they seem to be catering to the “Showboat Mentality”, The “look at me – look at me” rather than being professionals. Bear Bryant told his players that when they scored a touchdown, to act like they had done it before. I did cancel my NFL channel on Direct TV. Don’t miss it at all.

  9. Finally got around to penning a nasty letter to the Browns management this week. The kneeling during preseason I was willing to overlook when they did their little LEO/.MIL act of contrition. The “black power” bullshit last weekend? Fuck’em. Go 0-16 and I’ll be happy about it.