Back to Reality…


Peter actually took a computer and blogged the daily events, HERE, for our 8th annual gathering of the tribe.

I, on the other hand, didn’t bring one, and only used the iPad for a few pictures…

Up Thursday, with a stop in Amarillo for some research at Panhandle Plains Museum, then on up to Blogorado.

Friday was range set up, painting, maintenance on the targets and other various ‘things’. Julie and her family from Australia made the trip, and we broke her in right, handing her my little Glock 26, after Matt and I took a few shots at the 6 inch steel plates at 80 yards. ‘Thankfully’, Julie didn’t outshoot me with my own gun, but it was near thing! Each of us dinged a plate at that range, and it was a pretty good christening.

A fast moving, like 40kts plus, front came blowing through, dumping a little rain, as we got ready to leave. This is the long range rifle range, the white dots/targets you see up the right side of the pic are 300, 500 and 750 yards.

Oh yeah, and we proved Cadillacs suck! 🙂

Add a little water from the rain, and the burble created by the low CD on the car causes a rolling mass of horizontal air that picks up any dirt generated by the wheels. The tuck of the rear fenders causes yet another one that is vertical and deposits more dirt along the back of the rear fender and tail lights… LOL The rest of the car was relatively clean!

These were the first three rifles the Aussies tried! The ONLY one they could possibly actually own, would be the M-24, and that would take a minimum of a year from the time of purchase, to actually taking possession!

And there was a cannon, for everyone’s enjoyment! Peter does a nice description, HERE, and no, I didn’t park in front of it. I was already there, and they rolled it out behind the car, which I quickly moved!!!

And then there are things that just caught my eye… The juxtaposition of a 70-80 year old barn that is slowly collapsing, and above it, probably around FL360, a passenger jet’s contrail as it headed east for probably Chicago…

Sadly, the sun has set for another year on the gathering of some of our tribe. Thank you to all that hosted, helped out, and attended! I truly enjoyed 4+ days of no internet, no TV, and no computers!!!


Back to Reality… — 13 Comments

  1. Hey Old NFO;

    We readers are very happy that you took a bit of a vacation and met the tribe again. Now Welcome back to the suck, lol continue writing

  2. “White dots.” Really?
    Yeah, right. You’re just messing with us.
    Glad you had fun and introduced our Aussie cousins to freedom.

  3. Out-freaking-standing.
    My home range was in only 500.
    I would have loved trying my XP100 (7mm IHMSA) at 700.