$$=Smoke and noise…

Can’t get pictures to post, but we’re having fun and we’re turning large amounts of money into large amounts of smoke, Noise, and smiles!

Go read the folks on the sidebar, and I’ll be back in a couple of days!


$$=Smoke and noise… — 7 Comments

  1. There was once a time that I wondered how one got invited.

    Then I realized that it wasn’t for people like me.

    Just like High School.

    Part of me is accepting, because I now also realize that it’s ME that keeps me from being a Cool-Kid who gets invited to stuff.

    Part of me resents that I’m not the kind of person who can be a Cool-Kid.

  2. Hey Old NFO;

    I feel kinda like McThag…lol

    Anyway according to Peter, you were willing to use your ride as a target for the 3 pound black powder cannon. Wow very sporting and considerate, 😉