This is WAY too damn early…

And this one just kicked over my gigglebox…

Still waiting on the wily deer… Sigh…


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  1. Shhhh – you’re gonna spook the deer !! :^)

  2. When I used to take a rifle out for a day in the woods, the deer were few and far between.
    On the other hand, yesterday morning the security light turned on and a few seconds later a large doe ambled down our driveway.
    They know when they are safe.

  3. I *love* that second one! Probably because a 1911A1 is my EDC, but I digress. Yes, the deer have learned long ago when they can smell large numbers of humans, it’s time to lay low.

  4. I will have to message you something all of us at Gander bounced around.

  5. I used to say the wily Pheasants were on the Fish and Game’s mailing list. Day before the season starts four to five birds in every stubble or beet field, opening day nary a one.

    Yup, they belong to the same union as the deer.

  6. Speaking of coffee, this I saw on a guy’s T-shirt: I drink coffee to keep you safe.

  7. The 1911?
    It’s what my father carried in ‘Nam and Korea. It’s what my Uncles and Father-in-law carried in The Big One. It’s what my Grand-father and Great-Uncle … well, I don’t know what they carried in WWI. They were machine-gunners and probably issued 1917s. Still used the .45acp.
    Glock fanbois can come back with their arguments in the year 2088.

  8. All- Thanks for the comments! And no, no deer were harmed by me, this time… sigh.

    Posted from my iPhone.

  9. One of my angriest moments in life was when I spent two days in the rain, never saw a damned deer, then almost hit five of the damned things driving home. Of course, that was after shooting light on the last day of the season, why do you ask?

  10. Tom- LOL, I ‘know’ that feeling… 4 times in the stand, ZERO legal deer… Ton of yearlings, small bucks, couldn’t take a one… Sigh!

  11. That would be the deer that have reached up and eaten plants off my porch when I put them too near the steps? Come to my house – yiu can just club them to death from the steps.