Welp, the score is deer a whole bunch, me zero, zip, nada… That’s why it’s called hunting and not shooting…

But I did get to see two beautiful sunrises, and I wish I’d had a better camera. Peace and quiet, communing with nature…

And cussing the little yearlings, none of which were big enough to take… This one was maybe 20 feet away…

And this is six of them… Again, all yearlings, not big enough to take… Sigh…

You’d think eating these BIG acorns (Burr Oak if anyone is curious), they’d be fatter…

Probably the ‘best’ thing, was no phone, no internet, and no TV.  It’s amazing what that does to ‘improve’ one’s mental state and lower the BP…

Sadly, now it’s back to reality… And I’ve got a book to get out, and one to finish. But I really needed the break to just clear the mind. Thanks for being patient and waiting around until I got back.


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  1. Jeff Cooper used to tell the story of returning from a hunt empty-handed, and another hunter asked “No luck?” Cooper replied “Much luck! I was hunting all day!”

    A bad day in the field is better than a good day almost anywhere else. Glad you had a good time!

  2. Time spent outside and watching what goes on really helps recharge the battery banks. By the looks of it, the weather looked really great.

    RS above said it right (A bad day …). You didn’t miss anything out here in Reality Land. Hope you get some more time out there for ‘tamale meat’.

  3. Amen. Deer hunted last week with my youngest son (22). Crossbow malfunctioned (trouble w/safety lever) on a magnificent 8 point. Used situation as a teaching patience point. Last night, squirrel hunted w/my blue Weim. Didn’t see a squirrel…of course I saw every other animal…wouldn’t trade those moments for anything. Remember, when the arrow stops, the work begins!

  4. Me, “Uncle, how do you know they’re yearlings?”

    Uncle, “Thag, because you can SEE them during hunting season.”

  5. RS- Good point! 🙂

    J.R.- Yes, the weather was perfect. Light winds, no rain, 50’s for temps. Only downside was too much ‘food’ for the older deer to do the normal day grazing… sigh

    Mountaineer- Ouch! But yes, teaching point! Just like always doing a sighting shot on a rifle before going in the field. Never ‘assume’ that scope is dead on… And that is work I don’t mind! 😀

  6. It is interesting how the passing of a squirrel or rabbit through one’s immediate area of operation sounds like whole herd of critters, but a six-point elk or a four-point buck passes through as quietly as a wisp of fog.

  7. That Reality thing sure can be a right nuisance. Or more likely, a wrong one.

  8. The bright side is that you didn’t have to clean your kill, drag it and then skin it. Hunting is all about being with friends in great country to me these days. If you can bag a trophy, that’s nice, but it’s nothing like being with buddies in camp and walking beautiful country.

  9. I have a any deer tag but bucks have to have at least 4 points on one side to be legal in my county. I am seeing a lot of young ones, but nothing worth taking.

  10. The guys in my extended family out here were talking about hunting last night. Not sure if I’ll go with them to try and take a deer, but I’d sure love to go just to hang out with all my new local friends, and learn more about life out here.

  11. Angus- GOOD point! 🙂

    Waepned/Brig- Hell yes! LOL

    Orvan- True!

    LL- Amen!

    Ed- At least ‘I’ didn’t confuse an 8 point with a bush…LOL

    drjim- Do it!

  12. “And cussing the little yearlings”
    That serves you right for going hunteing at nature’s equivalent of a Chuck-E-Cheese. 😀