Where is the left on tearing down THIS statue…


But there is apparently a hashtag campaign… About something… And we know how much good that will do…

And it looks like NFL broadcasts are down 8% in viewership against last year, and apparently there are a ‘number’ of empty seats in the stadiums…

And then there is this…


The NFL is littered with criminals… THIS IS WHY THEY PROTEST POLICE, NOW I GET IT…

Team # of Arrests Since 2000
Minnesota Vikings 42
Cincinnati Bengals 40
Denver Broncos 36
Tennessee Titans 33
Miami Dolphins 28
Kansas City Chiefs 28
Jacksonville Jaguars 27
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 27
Cleveland Browns 26
San Diego Chargers 25
Indianapolis Colts 24
Chicago Bears 23
Seattle Seahawks 20
New Orleans Saints 20
Washington Redskins 18
Oakland Raiders 18
Baltimore Ravens 18
Carolina Panthers 18
Green Bay Packers 17
Pittsburgh Steelers 17
Atlanta Falcons 16
San Francisco 49ers 16
Detroit Lions 15
New England Patriots 15
Buffalo Bills 14
Dallas Cowboys 13
New York Giants 13
Arizona Cardinals 12
New York Jets 11
Philadelphia Eagles 10
Houston Texans 9
St Louis Rams 8
Total 656
Data source: San Diego Union

I’m enjoying having my Thursday nights, Sundays and Monday nights back! πŸ™‚


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  1. i would venture that those numbers are skewed way low due to the cops letting them off the hook. a green bay cop had better have his case together if he takes in a packer, and good insurance. ditto for many other cities.

  2. To be honest, we stopped watching the NFL some 10 years ago, after one of their redundant ‘strikes’ when the hypocrisy of those demands became obvious. The latest, while disgusting, hasn’t affected us in any other way.

  3. LOL. I am with ya. Nothing makes sense and when you throw out other ideas, viewpoints…then wow…the knives come out or I am a racist. I feel like a Salem witch.

  4. Just had a look at the Minnesota Vikings’ team roster. Some of the players don’t look Scandinavian. I am deeply shocked and immeasurably saddened by the cultural appropriation.

  5. Heard a joke recently.

    Due to the declining revenues of the NFL, the league has decided to combine some teams. The first consolidation is the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Green Bay Packers.

    The new team will be called the Tampacks, but they’re only good for one period, and don’t have a second string.

  6. The Eagles are actually close to the bottom of the list. Having been born and raised in the Philly area, I am quite honestly shocked. I seriously expected them to be right near the top.

  7. Just saw where Peter Yarrow, formaly of the Mamas and Papas and convicted child molester, is going to perform at some women’s gathering. Reason 1 million and 1 why I don’t like liberals – they have no sense of irony.