I can just ‘hear’ the phone call now…

“Boss? Yeah, about that tree you wanted cut…”

“Is it done?”


“Whatta you mean, mostly? Did you get it cut or not?”

“Well, we got all but one limb…”


“Just sent you a pic.”


“Aw shhiii…! Dammit… Did you call anybody?”

“Uh, you, boss.”

“Son of a…, Lemme call somebody…”

Actually across the street from me, they apparently called the provider, who said “They will get around to it!”

Hopefully that will occur BEFORE the wind picks up, otherwise it’s gonna get interesting!!! And this tree/limb has been complained about going back at least 4 years, according to the neighbors! WOW!!!


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  1. …I’ve cut down trees longer than the dimensions of the residential lot it stood on and NEVER had one hit power lines or a house

  2. Well, at lest it doesn’t *look* like any power cables in the mix. It looks like fiber, CATV, and probably phone circuits. I don’t think it’ll go *boom*, but you might want to have backup ideas for your viewing and surfing pleasure…