Well, I’ve been asked for an interview! 🙂

I’ll be on WAAM at 1200 Central, 1300 Eastern or you can listen to the streaming interview HERE.

My friend Ed Bonderenka will be interviewing me about the Calexit Anthology and whatever else he or the callers come up with. So if you want some ‘early’ details, tune in! Apparently call-ins are welcome, too! 🙂

In other news, I’d like to thank reader and shipmate Leaper for the hours he wasted trying to bail my dumb ass out. I managed to blow away by address book in Outlook, and I managed to stump even him as to how the #$%@% I did it… Sigh…

Thanks again, Shipmate, I truly appreciated the help! At least I know how to rebuild it now, thanks to you, so that will be the weekend project, among other things!

Lesson learned, have a VALID backup… sigh… And use something beside MS to do it… Grumble…


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  1. I think that, “Backup. Send Backup.” Is from The Matrix. Good advice no matter where you get the quote from.
    Usually I run the backup software then discover a problem. Sigh.
    If some of us are busy completing WMT (Wife Mandated Tasks) today, will be be able to listen to the broadcast later?

  2. No worries. Glad to try to be of help. Remember to register that hitman pro and install hitman pro alert and backup backup backup fairly regular.

  3. Hope to listen to the podcast.
    At least you got all the ugly stuff (tree limb, fire ants) taken care of.
    Smooth sailing for the rest of the weekend.

  4. Backup may be even more like a pistol than a pistol. You don’t need one until you need one, then you need it bad!