Cue the conspiracy theorists…

“Subject to the receipt of further information, I will be allowing, as President, the long blocked and classified JFK FILES to be opened,” he said in a tweet.

The files are due to be opened in their entirety Thursday, nearly 54 years after Kennedy’s assassination in Dallas — unless the US president decides otherwise.

Full article, HERE.

Dontcha know they are slobbering at the bit, and waiting to prove ‘all’ of their pet theories???

This should prove entertaining, as all the theorists compete for that one ‘golden BB’ of proof they need to ‘prove’ their tinfoil hat conspiracy IS the right one…

And speaking of conspiracies…

There is THIS, Mueller is not exactly Mr. Clean, as a number of folks have pointed out. One can only wonder how deep, how far back, or how far into left field (or the bleachers) they are willing to go to ‘prove’ something… All the while ignoring clues that DO point to Hildabeast’s involvement with Russia on the uranium deal and other things…


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  1. I’m thinking the released information will lead to more conspiracy theories. Then again, it might lead to some more accurate information on the next administration that embroiled us in Viet Nam.

    Mueller, if he was a stand up guy, would resign.

  2. There are a LOT of conspiracy theories about the Kennedy assassination. I think that it’s time that the whole mess was declassified and that a light was shown on it.

    As to Robt. Meuller, I don’t think that there’s much about him that can be considered to be ‘clean’. Saying that he’s as ‘clean as Dir. Comey’ is not a ringing endorsement.

  3. Conspiracy theories? The card carrying swamp creatures are full on trying to “assassinate” President Trump by any means possible. President Trump is using release of the JFK files as a signal he has the ability to release many, more current, files the swamp creatures will find uncomfortable.

    Mueller and Associates? Saw a picture of a warehouse filled with banker boxes. Those are public property paid for by the taxpayers. Freedom of Information requests at some future date may result in his whole staff and himself facing scrutiny for misfeasance, assuming President Trump wins a second term.

  4. No matter how much info is released, what documents are uncovered, or a individual (or team) stepping forward & saying, “I did it!”, the tinfoil hat crowd will always look for conspiracies. Too much is never enough.

  5. I do not think the release of these records will do much to
    silence the conspiracy nuts. I used to be a believer after
    reading several JFK conspiracy books in my early teens. What
    changed my mind was Jim Moore’s book A Conspiracy Of One and
    Case Closed by Gerald Posner. After the first shot, one onlooker
    raised his head and watched Oswald fire the 2nd and 3rd shot.
    It was his description that caused Officer Tippet to confront
    Oswald on the street where Oswald shot him dead. The problem
    with most of these conspiracies is that they are far too complex
    and involve too many people. If this release concludes that Oswald
    acted alone, the true believers will never be satisfied and claim
    the release is yet another facet of the conspiracy.

  6. All- I agree, there will ‘never’ be enough information… And I do believe this release will only sprout MORE conspiracy theories… sigh…

  7. The facility with which Trump uses Twitter to discombobulate the major media and their useful idiots….. astonishing that it works every single time.

  8. Interesting stuff, in 1989 when I moved to Dallas I was invited by a writer to look over two boxes of stuff that had been discovered in an attic when a young man’s grandfather had passed away. The grandfather had been one of the lead Dallas detectives working the JFK shooting before the FBI came in, scooped everything up and took it all to Washington. Somehow there had been a tip off and the two boxes contained kind of hard to read copies of all sorts of interviews of the JFK assassination on Friday and then the Oswald shooting on Sunday morning.

    There were drawings and placement of observers and their statements and all sorts of tracking down leads and follow up stuff. One of the most interesting pieces was the original personal effects form signed by Oswald in pencil during his booking that Friday. I seem to remember the form was a 5 x 7 card and I guess after Oswald’s death it was just picked up and put with the rest of the stuff in the boxes.

    Because I was a bit of a gun guy they wanted my input if I had spotted anything unusual and I am sorry to say that after spending about 20 hours going through the stuff I was not able to add any insight. There were copies and originals of the magazine add Lee Harvey used to order his gun with scope for $14.95 plus shipping. There were also written reports from several people who had seen Oswald when he was shooting his rifle at a local gun range and they asked him to leave because he was showing off shooting bullseyes on adjacent targets belonging to other shooters.

    I have no idea what happened to that stuff, the writer working on the project spent several months trying to get a new angle as a hook for a book and basically came away with a few ideas that the Mafia out of Louisiana might have been a factor but there was nothing in the discovered box to shed new light. My guess is the grandson might have sold some of the unique stuff but I don’t even know about that. I kind of became interested in reading various books looking for new information that I never found.

    One other experience I had in 1991 was having lunch with a fellow worker at the bank where we were employed and he told me his Jack Ruby story. He told me that he had been living in a cheap apartment going through a divorce and he hung out at Ruby’s bar which was close by and he became friends with Ruby. He told me that when the news cast came out with Ruby being identified as Oswald’s killer he knew at once that Ruby was probably the only man he knew that was nuts enough to kill Oswald and think he was doing something good for his country.

    I am looking forward to other people going through a bunch of old stuff and if there is a mystery CIA-Commie in the box car on the grassy knoll I want to know all about it, all of the details but I don’t think that’s going to happen.

    • Old Texan, it was the ballistic data that first caused me to question my beliefs in the various conspiracy books. At one
      time, I was an avid shooter who went to a local informal outdoor
      range at least once a month. Oswald was using a 6.5mm Manlicher
      Carcano rifle with a 4x wide field scope, which was ideal for
      the task. The 6.5mm featured a long heavy round that had better
      penetrating characteristics than a 7.62mm NATO round. (So much
      for the “Magic Bullet” theory.

      After that, consider the fact that Oswald was a lousy shot. The first round hit the curb because his scope was not sighted in.
      He adjusted for this on shots 2 and 3. The first shot (As I
      recall) was just under 75′ and 212′ for the third. The target
      was moving at about 11MPH, almost directly away from the shooter. This is the second best thing to a stationary target as one can
      get. This destroys the narrative that Oswald was an “Expert
      Marksman” and should put to rest the notion that the shots were
      in anyway difficult. I could mount the same kind of scope on
      my.22WMRF bolt action and teach a ten-year-old to score 3 out of 3
      headshots at these ranges in a matter of hours.

      “But how could he get off 3 shots in six seconds with a bolt action
      rifle?” Well, it was more like 8 to 10 seconds and the first round
      was (unless he was a moron) already chambered. All he had to
      do was get off 2 well-aimed shots in that time frame.

      One of the most persistent myths was the rearward head snap that
      is the basis of the second shooter theory. I am a bit of a science
      geek, so I had no problem understanding the physics involved.

      Military doctors and ballistics experts routinely conduct
      experiments with pigs and medical cadavers to study terminal
      ballistics and medical data. The explanation for the rearward
      head snap is quite simple: In a test, a number of human skulls
      were filled with ballistic gelatin atop a scaffold plank supported
      by two sawhorses. In almost every case the skull blew back towards
      the shooter. It takes very little kinetic energy to penetrate a
      human skull. As the projectile moves through the brain, it sets
      up a conical shock wave.

      Take a look at the Zapruder film. Kennedy’s head moves forward at
      the moment of impact then blew backward as the high-speed ejecta
      blew out of the front side of his head. I am afraid most of the
      conspiracy authors watched too many episodes of Starsky and Hutch!

  9. Hey Old NFO;

    The release will kill some of the conspiracy theories and spawn many more. It shall be “sporting” as they say, lol

  10. Art- True! 🙂

    Old Texan/Leonard- Either way, it’s going to be interesting… And that had to be interesting, if for nothing other than the level of detail!

    Bob- Probably… Sigh.

  11. So why was the information classified in the first place? If the only shooter was Lee Oswald, and him deceased, why was there a problem releasing it? Massive propaganda tool for the Hate America groups as it was. We, the evil American Public were blamed and punished by the GCA of 1968. DCM rifles used by our gun club and stored in the local SO were pulled by the Feds, although restored some time later. I don’t think the information was classified for Our Own Good.
    Carlos Hathcock reportedly said he could not have made the shot. Other later era military snipers wrote books, denying the single shooter theory.
    As a teenager, I read the Warren Report when it came out and thought it was a sham (don’t remember why now). When a priest and I took communion to a small church a distance away the priest told me that over coffee a retired FBI agent told him that he could tell him who killed JFK, but he couldn’t live anywhere in the world if he did.
    The feds lie, all the time. Talk to a sailor on one of the Destroyers involved in the Gulf of Tonkin incident. You get a dramatically different story than what is in Wikipedia now.
    Here’s the thing, if the cover story is rightous, whether it is Mount Carmel, JFK, Ruby Ridge, Oklahoma, or Vegas why not put out all the information for the public, if the right guy was caught or killed? But no. In the case of JFK, still trying to cover up something 50 years later. A sitting President of the United States assassinated, and the information hidden for at least a half century. I wouldn’t laugh at conspiracy stories. If there is nothing to hide, don’t hide it!

    • And if I have nothing to hide, I shouldn’t mind if the police search my home or car. After all, I’ve got nothing to hide, right?

      Wrong. I have something to hide, and although it isn’t illegal I’m not thrilled with the idea of the cops or anyone else finding it.

    • The answer to your question is really quite simple. Every
      intelligence agency and their worldwide network of “assets”
      were looking for evidence of a larger conspiracy. Every CIA and
      NSA officer, analyst and foreign operators were busy for years
      in an attempt to find a link to Oswald. This was the Genisis
      of the many conspiracy theories that started about ten years
      after the assassination. Most of the conspiracy books were
      written by liberal professors and college radicals starting
      in the early 70s.

      Back to the 60s: The FBI investigated any possible connection to
      the Mafia. The one thing these agencies have in common is the
      use of confidential informants, foreign agents, etc. The reasons
      for classifying these records are that they would compromise
      “Means and methods.”

      I have two perfect examples to cite;

      One was the fact that we dug a tunnel under the Berlin Wall
      and tapped into the East German telephone network. It took
      years for them to discover this fact because of example two.

      Some British politician shot his mouth off and alerted the
      The Soviet Union to the fact that we had broken their codes
      and tapped their phone lines. This resulted in the Soviet
      Union changing their codes overnight.

      The resulting “rat hunt” also caused the deaths of hundreds
      of our overseas operatives. In 1971, a secret submarine mission
      “Operation Ivy Bells” managed to tap into an underwater telephone
      cable. The Navy Seals did the actual job, but the crew was
      left out of the loop. We were listening to every telephone
      conversation in the Kremlin.

      In a culture where your only weapon is secrecy, is it any wonder
      why they classified these documents? Dead assets cannot provide
      you with information!

  12. My prediction is that the documents will support Oswald as the shooter, and as acting on behalf of Cuban communist Fidel Castro. Or not, as the case may be, but my money is on Cuban support. The reason why this is being released now is that the chief moonbat, the Ayatollah Obongo his own self, relaxed travel restrictions to Cuba. For political and popularity reasons, The Prez wants the American Public (AKA the Great Unwashed) to know the truth about this.

    And, if there was a second shooter involved, or if the shooter wasn’t Oswald, we’ll never learn about it from documents released by the US Government.