Apparently there are now people actually cataloging who stands for the anthem at the NFL games and who doesn’t…

Sports Illustrated is tracking it among others, HERE is their take on week 7.

And CBS TV is trying to explain the bad attendance away…

It’s hard to argue the facts that attendance and viewership is down anywhere from 7-17% from last year.

Interestingly, camera angles have stopped panning across the crowds in any number of stadiums Sundays confirmed that there are many empty seats. The Atlanta New England game was ALL tight shots, some so close up as to be disorienting, so they didn’t have to show the crowd. It was interesting on the field goal and extra points, the fly over camera wasn’t used, instead they used a camera from behind the goal posts only (so no crowd shots).  But CBS goes further, saying it’s NOT about the protests, instead it’s about lousy football!!!

Full article, HERE.

I think they (the media) are doing anything and everything to NOT show the anthem, the stadiums, etc. and are pushing the feel good stories, and how the athletes are just regular people… Yeah, right… They aren’t worried about the power getting turned off, or the car breaking down, etc…

Personally, I like having my Thursday nights, Sundays, and Monday nights back! 🙂

NASCAR is down to 8 remaining drivers for the championship, and Kansas was a stunner to some teams who thought they were in… Story, HERE.  And NASCAR crowds DO stand for the anthem, along with the teams, and TV has no problem showing that!!!


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  1. NASCAR attendance is off as well. The blame lays on the French family who changed what vendors could attend the races.

  2. The NFL chose it’s battle. America will do the same. And the corrupt, nasty, elite, smug, lying mainstream media has chosen their course of action.

    A shameful act is a shameful act. It’s not subject to race, faith or gender (31 genders or lack of gender).

  3. They will burn their thumbs trying to cover the sun rather than realizing they screwed up.
    Personally I love that a bunch of unindicted felons will be playing for peanuts in the future.
    I’d say, let’s make DodgeBall the new sport of the masses.

  4. I enjoyed the Kansas NASCAR race and a Sunday late afternoon nap. It is strange how I don’t miss Pro football, the same as I don’t miss baseball (I haven’t watched or attended a game since they went on strike.) I do enjoy the Saturday college games much more anyway.

  5. I wonder how long until the owners panic? There’s no immediate financial crisis because of the network TV contract lock-in, but eventually the empty seats will cause some of the owners to break with the NFL. By then I suspect that it will be too little, too late.

    It’s likely too late right now.

  6. Don’t miss all the football hoopla.
    LOL, in my age group Pickle Ball is all the rage!

    • The only football I ever watch is the super bowl. I think I’ll stop.
      I stopped watching baseball years ago when the players decided to go on strike.
      Like they weren’t already making enough money.
      Fucking greedy “A”hats.

  7. Not excusing the NFL or the TV networks, but I wonder how the fog affected camera work at the ATL-Pats game? Just the still photos I saw this AM of the pea-soup were pretty impressive. Glad I wasn’t trying to drive home or get back to ATL after that game.

  8. All- Thanks for the comments, agree with all. I quit baseball after the strike too! TxRed, yeah that was nasty… Boston and pea soup fog.

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  9. You couldn’t even see the guys on the field when they used the cameras up in the stands! It was just a white blur! In the last quarter they were using the fly around camera almost exclusively and from my point of view, it was the best use of that camera ever! You were right behind the QB looking over his head and you could see just where all the receivers were downfield and it was amazing how you could see the holes open up and close for the running backs. As far as I am concerned if that was the only camera they used I would be happy! But am still pissed at the friggin crybabies pissing and moaning, but still there on payday to collect their outrageous paychecks! Get off your friggin knees. and “Stand up” like the free men that you are!! Sorry Jim, but they raise the ire in me!