Calexit- The Anthology is off to a good start, as far as I’m concerned…

Right at 200 copies sold in the first three days, and in the top 100 in Dystopian Fiction on Amazon. In the top 5000 overall in Amazon, and that isn’t bad either!!!

Thanks to those who bought, and we do appreciate honest reviews. AND feeding us starving writers too!!! 🙂

And we have yet another Gun Raffle Package- This is number 14!  A full polish on a stainless or nickel plate on a blued handgun. This is a 600-800 dollar value from Reflections Chrome Plating up in Maine! He is also an FFL, which makes it easy to get the gun of your choice to him! Remember, donate to the Go Fund Me, HERE, and email your receipt to  [email protected].

Thanks again both to those who’ve donated packages, and those who are donating to help Andi fund her therapy! You’re ALL winners in my book.


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  1. Ox not able do much.
    Ox still do some.
    Ox pulling for Andi.
    Dear Reader: You smarter, more capable than ox, right?
    Show ox how it done.