This is just…

Unbelievable… But Live Leak caught them. One wonders what CNN was thinking.

Sometimes I feel bad for them, and then they do something stupid like this… But Ted got his money and hauled ass, so he’s laughing all the way to the bank!


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  1. CNN’s genetic code that made them a world beater has been degraded to the level of orangutans and chimps…and oh, so progressive.

  2. Folks at CNN think? Or maybe they were trying for the title of journalist? As in “fake it til ya make it” theory of action?

    Cause they do have the “fake it” part down pat…

    (Grumpy old lady getting off soapbox)

  3. LL- Sad but true…

    WSF- LOL, oh hell yes! 🙂

    Suz- Nah, I think you’re probably dead on!

  4. I rarely watch CNN but when I do the phrase “brain dead leftist shills” springs to mind. Or worse.

  5. I can hardly wait to hear their complete lack of commentary regarding the fact they were caught pulling such a ridiculous, unprofessional,asinine,prank. Truly a new low, which defines the level of their so called journalism.