A gun post…

Haven’t done one of these in a while…

A few of my favorite things! 🙂

67, 68, 69 model Pythons, 66 and 75 model Diamondbacks. The top one with Herrett grips has right at 30,000 rounds through it, and is on it’s second barrel. It’s been worked on TWICE, to get it retimed. The 4 inch was my car gun for years, it’s been back to a gunsmith once in 48 years, the 6 inch on the bottom never has, neither have either of the Diamondbacks. These are all shooters, not safe queens. I don’t ever plan on selling them either, so don’t ask! 😀

I know there are people out there who ‘hate’ the Colts, ugly, temperamental, fragile, trigger sucks, stacks wrong, turns the wrong way, too expensive, yada, yada, yada… My S&W is better because (insert argument here)…

I’ve shot Colts most of my life, and I’m comfortable with these guns, and I TRUST THEM, because I’ve owned them for at a minimum 30 years or longer. More than I do a S&W, because my muscle memory is built on Colts and their operating patterns. I own 2 S&W K22s, that I use from training pistols for classes, and other revolvers, including a couple of family Colt SAAs going back to 1892, 2 Colt model 1917s, a Ruger Super Blackhawk, a S&W 29-3 that is going to Joe for repair, and a couple of random others that I’m too lazy to go see who made them.

To be perfectly honest, I don’t care what you say about ’em, they’re what I grew up with, and I like ’em… Just like you do with your (insert favorite here).


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  1. I have a 1954 vintage Colt Model 357, the forerunner of the Python. Not rare, but not common either. I picked it up comparatively cheap because it was improperly stored at one time and suffered some pitting because of it. Right now it’s an excellent shooter. Someday soon, it’ll be getting a restoration. Nothing wrong with Colt revolvers.

  2. On the other hand, perhaps you are using the pentagram of pistols to summon the ghost of Sam Colt?
    I have two Colt designed revolvers, but they run on black powder and neither is original.
    Those are some nice looking shooting irons you have there.

  3. Good to see they are shooters, and not safe queens.
    Never quite got the whole safe queen thing.

  4. Having a prized firearm that is kept pristine and pure is like having a beautiful wife that is kept a virgin to preserve her purity.

  5. Nothing wrong with liking best what you learned on. In a way, that just makes sense. Nor is there anything wrong with different folks liking different types of guns…isn’t that the very definition of diversity? See, who says folks that like guns aren’t PC. 🙂

    DH has an old Colt Woodsman that I absolutely love and shoot as often as I can coax him into. He wants me to like the S&W M&P Shield he has the same way, but, no, not so much. Told him if we ever went our separate ways, I want custody of that Colt.

  6. That being said they still turn the wrong way. I kid. I kid. Growing up the local pawn shops were awash in GSP S&W trade ins. And for big guns you went Ruger.

  7. Jim- I keep looking for one of those, got to shoot one last year and liked it, but he wouldn’t sell it… sigh 🙂

    John- LOL, hadn’t thought of that… And just because they’re old, doesn’t mean they don’t shoot and shoot well!

    Brig/Roger- I don’t believe in safe queens, that’s why I’m NOT a ‘collector’, I’m a shooter… So no virgins here! 😀

    WSF- Agreed! But I have seen arguments go on for years over Colt vs. S&W… And I don’t care!

    Suz- The feel of real wood on a blued gun is something that you cannot get with a plastic fantastic… Sigh

    Houston- Not quite, since they aren’t for sale. Hopefully, they and the other guns continue to stay in the family for generations!

  8. Skip- Not a clue… LOL Last I heard was 3-4k but that was earlier this year. Although I DID update my insurance policy… 🙂

  9. SPE- Yep, you always see S&Ws and very few Colts 🙂

    Ed- That it is!

    Heath- And you have the other one! 😀

  10. Very nice! I only have 2/5ths of those – 4″ blue and 4″ SS. Rounding out my “non Smith” wheelguns are three Dan Wessons with heavy ribbed barrels. One of those is the very first handgun I ever purchased. They aren’t as collectible or quite as smooth as the snake guns, but they are still smooth and very accurate.

  11. Never had the money to buy Python when I as a callow yoot; now that I have the money I still can’t afford ’em, heh.

    OTOH I could and still can afford their small brothern, so I have a couple of older OP’s and several 1st model Det. Spls. Had the OP in 32-20 done in old school Colt Royal Blue a while back; now it’s almost too pretty to shoot, damn.
    And a friend who’s a certified Colt engraver cut a couple of nickel Pythons; boy howdy were that a pair to draw to when he was done. Went out the door for $35K.

  12. Tom- Thanks! And nothing wrong with DWs either! 🙂

    emdfl- Only reason I have them is deployments and saving money back in the 70s! 🙂 I’ve got mama’s Colt Agent too. And I would have loved to see those pistols, but I don’t go for the nickle pistols… Much less have $35K laying around!

    SPQR- Agreed sir!

  13. The first revolver I bought was a Python, which I still have. I didn’t know much about guns, but I thought it was a good looking gun. And the trigger is like silk.

    I should have bought more at the time, I guess! (Though I did, later.)

    And yes they are going for $2.5 – 3.5K for an average. Very nice bunch you have there.

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