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Update and a bleg…

Andi, a member of our Blogorado family, has suffered a stroke, which was misdiagnosed initially, leading to complications.  She doesn’t have medical insurance, and is having to fund her rehabilitation on a pay-as-you-go basis.  Several of us have pooled our resources by donating guns from our personal collections, and we’re offering them as an incentive to raise funds for her, along with some non-gun prizes (jewelry, books, etc.) for those who’d prefer them.  The Go Fund Me is HERE.

You’ll find photographs of all the prizes in three parts:  herehere and here. There is an additional package it’s number 14!  A full polish on a stainless or nickel plate on a blued handgun. This is a 600-800 dollar value from Reflections Chrome Plating up in Maine! He is also an FFL, which makes it easy to get the gun of your choice to him! Remember, donate to the Go Fund Me, HERE, and email your receipt to  [email protected] to participate in the raffle!!!

As I write this, we are at almost $12,000, so a little less than half way there. The raffle will continue until the end of November, and the drawing will be via a random number generator on 1 December.

Thank you to all that have contributed both packages and donations! You are shining examples of humanity! 😀


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