Calexit- The Anthology, got it’s first one star review.

Short and to the point, even! I wonder which side of the political spectrum this reader is on? And I’m guessing we ‘triggered’ them… 🙂  Now I did three tours stationed in California, so I ‘know’ how we were treated out there. Just sayin’

Absurd, often hateful political propaganda.

Um… political propaganda???
‘Scuse me, but we’ve written FICTION. We didn’t hide who we are, or try to couch this as anything other than fiction! As far as the parallels the various authors chose to draw with reality, well, there are plenty of ‘indicators’ in the media that California would love to actually secede from the US.
In the growing chasm between Trump’s Washington and California—principally on climate change, but also taxes, health care, gun control and immigration—Brown is functioning as the head of something closer to a country than a state.
Don’t believe me? Read the article, HERE! And this is just ONE example…
And then there is THIS
Political propaganda… Really? More like the logical extension of what Californians are actually trying to do!
And I’ll just throw this one in… One of the first reviews, and a five star-
I received the book as a gift from one of the authors and thoroughly enjoyed all the stories. Some of them seem to be a little far-reaching – unless you’ve had the misfortune of living there.


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  1. The People’s Republik of Kalifornia (Kalifornistan) is kabuki theater. It’s tough to write fiction about the place when it creates its own sense of dystopian society. Like a snake eating its tail, the state consumes itself, which is a departure from what made California great. Ronald Reagan was governor once…

    I expect one-star reviews of your masterpiece from progs and the like. They’re badges handed out for good sci-fi when the truth hurts.

    • I didn’t realize the real ‘why’ of dystopian movies and such until I visited someone in L.A. Not Manhattan Beach, or El Segundo, or whatever, residential (and not high end!) L.A. As I waited outside for the called taxi to arrive, I found out. It’s just.. like that. I felt a bit more ‘in the wild’ (in a bad way) than I had when living in the woods of central WI.

  2. Mark Twain said that fiction is easier to write than fact, because fiction has to make sense. Having been stationed in California for a year, during the mid-70’s, nothing that was written in this book is outlandish or far-fetched.

    Thanks for reminding me that I needed to post a review, I had forgotten.

  3. Just for that, I just ordered Calexit and the Grey Man series….

  4. Having read all of the grey man series I have just ordered Calexit of Amazon, if it is anything like your other works I will read it in one sitting so expect a review sometime tomorrow!
    Thanks for the good reading and keep it up, please!

  5. Never wrestle with a pig – you end up covered in brown stuff and the pig enjoys it.
    In the same way, never expect logic from a liberal.

  6. I bought the Kindle version, and have had the time so far to read the first story. I was disappointed and a little bit aggravated to find out it was a teaser for another book. I enjoyed it, got invested in the characters and storyline…and then Lucy jerks away the football and Charlie Brown goes flying.

  7. I’ve been avoiding it because I’m not a fan of short stories — I know what I like and I’d rather spend my time reading novels. Now I might have to pick it up.

  8. Uchuck- I’m sorry, but I don’t have any plans to turn it into a full novel. I’m late on two novels now… sigh..

    Gneal- We’d appreciate it, but if it’s not your cup of tea, don’t waste your money. All of us have real novels out there! 🙂

    • Heh. Been through most of those, and I’m a KU subscriber, so it would only take time, not money. I just need to be in the mood for short stories.

      If I can appreciate Sarah’s Musketeer series as “not normally my cup of tea, but an interesting variation on Dumas”, I’m pretty sure I’ll enjoy CalExit when I’m in the mood for short stories.

  9. If you look through the other reviews those two yahoos have written you will see that they don’t like much.
    By some sleight of hand I pulled up Calexit on my Kindle and read it first, then read The Morning the earth shook. Actually worked better for me that way.

  10. Only one comment:

    You HAVE to come on the show AGAIN. You know. For the new book.


  11. I bought it on Amazon for Kindle and it has been a great read. Having lived in kali most of my life,( I live on catalina Island for 18 years and don’t consider that California :)), even though you guys wrote it as fiction, I can see it coming to be a non-fiction book. Sooner rather than later. It is at the time to make serious plans to bail out of this state, the next election will tell. And you know where I’m heading NFO!

  12. Well, I said I would read it in one sitting and I have, my only disappointment is there were no more stories, a great read!