Gun raffle winners…

Notification has begun for the winners, and it’s a little bit of a slow process, as each one has to pick their choice of package, before I can notify the next one… So if you’re further down the list, be patient please! I WILL get to you!

Once we get all of them answered, we’ll post the final list.

Thank you again to all who participated, either as donors of the great prize packages, or those folks that donated over $18,000 to help Andi regain as much of her health as she can.


Gun raffle winners… — 8 Comments

  1. I’ve had to do notifications before, and it can be a TEDIOUS process. I’m wondering if there are things winners can do to expedite matters, as well as easing the cost to the project.
    For example: is there a way to pre-pay shipping, so the funds for that don’t come out of the pockets of the organizers or out of the contributions? I know that people with an existing FedEx account can supply an account number, but since a lot of people don’t HAVE that, is there a PayPal account we could send shipping & packaging costs to?

  2. Bob- Amen!

    Ed- Thank you!

    Pat- Nah, it’s just part of the ‘job’ if you will, and we are covering shipping. Our local gunstore is waving the transfer fees for all of them (h/t Ted, Ken, and Jim!)

  3. Paul is No. 5 on list.
    Ox know Paul.
    Paul not heard anything yet.
    That OK, Paul almost as patient as ox.
    (Ox simple: Day follow night? Ox happy enough.)
    Those after? Please patient be.
    Is d*** good list: no ringers.
    Even if first choice snagged by someone ahead, still no stinkers.

  4. I hear ya, Ox. 😀 Been checking my email compulsively 😀