And we have winners!!!

As as usual, I don’t have an email for one of them… Paging Doug Dewitt, Doug Dewitt to the white courtesy phone please…

And an ‘oddity’ of truly random draws is you get truly random results, hence we have two double winners…

Having said that, here are the winners in the order they were drawn. As we contact folks, we will move down the list and list of remaining prizes.

Jim Hambleton

Doug Dewitt

John Sage

Brian Dumire

Paul Neubauer

Larry Lambert

David Brehmer

Roy Zesch

Lois McArdle

Larry Lambert

Pat Patterson

John Harrison

John Amdor III

Kirk Conover

Roy Zesch

And a special thank you to William Simons, he was actually drawn 4th, but said in his email to draw someone else if he came up. Kudos to you, sir!

Thanks again to all who donated, we had 154 individuals enter the raffle with a total of 1551 entries.

Doug Dewitt, white courtesy phone… Need your email! 🙂


And we have winners!!! — 12 Comments

  1. Can we get some music? I think some music should be playing 🙂

  2. gee whiz, after buying all your books in print _ and complaining about the ones that weren’t, heh, heh – I would have thought you had it.
    Email on the way

  3. Toast- LOL, sorry…

    emdfl- I lost my address book about a month ago… dammit… Got it now, thanks!

  4. This is the first thing I’ve won since the rope toss in the Cub Scouts in 1962!

  5. It appears that I’m a winner here. While that’s indeed nice, I’m hoping the big winner is Andi. May she return to full health. A big thanks as well to those who contributed prizes. Your generosity goes above and beyond. I would have contributed without the incentive, and likely will again.

  6. Aye, Andi needs to be the real winner in all this.
    That said, congratulations, folks!
    You can just guess what I’d go for.

  7. Random numbers are just so unpredictable. Tasked with setting the combinations on less than a dozen 3 wheel combination locks for toolboxes, I used the phone book to get random (fairly) numbers. There were a surprising number of duplicates, possibly due to only having 3 number sequences.

  8. Congrats to all the winners,
    and I’m pretty sure LL said to roll his second winning draw over to me or was that just wishful thinking… lol

  9. Wow!The last thing I won was a spelling bee in 6th grade in 1962. I hope the big winner is Andi.