Wily road crews…

Have apparently found a way to cut the cable yet again for AT&T, so no Internet. The best thing I can say is go read the folks on the sidebar, they are much more entertaining than I am anyway. Hopefully it’ll be fixed by tomorrow sometime…


Wily road crews… — 9 Comments

  1. Worked IT for the school district for 18 years now. Every single one of those years a test was conducted to see if fiber optic cable could stand up to a backhoe. Failed every…single…time!

  2. So you can spend the time visiting with the Cronin family who live in your head.

  3. But they are the first to complain if we dare to get within 5′ of their precious cable with plants or, gasp, a shovel.


  4. Trade you Internet for water. We were out twice yesterday, once for a frozen pipe (no biggie) and once for three water main breaks (biggie). Lord bless the men working all day and night to get the breaks fixed and the water back up!

  5. Home- Yep, got another chapter knocked out! 🙂

    Andrew- Oh yeah… sigh

    TXRed- Dang! Water main breaks are a MESS, especially in the cold! Glad you’re back ‘up’ so to speak.