Uh oh…

I think I just heard the death knell for the national reciprocity!

Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) was named to the Senate Judiciary Committee today. What might that mean moving forward for the Senate’s attitude toward potential legislation effecting the Second Amendment? Nothing great.

Like us on Facebook at CAGuard on Foter.com / CC BYGun rights advocates often raise the specter of armed state agents going door to door to confiscate firearms. Kamala Harris helped make that worst-case-scenario a reality in California. Her attorney general’s office presided over California’s Armed Prohibited Persons System, which spent at least $24 million sending police to citizens’ homes to take away weapons.

Full article HERE, from Reason.com

There are still a number of lawsuits ongoing in Cali that she is responsible for either pushing, or implementing… Sigh…









Uh oh… — 13 Comments

  1. California is crazy, when compared to most of the other states, but so far they haven’t been able to force their way of life on the rest of the nation.
    Maybe they SHOULD secede, so they can soon experience the joys of Reconstruction. It did wonders for Georgia’s economy….

    • Well, mexafornia is not called the fruit and nut state for nothing.
      I am not writing about agriculture either.

  2. Secession, or quarantine. Those seem to be the only options to keep the disease from spreading.

  3. Ed B.

    This threatens HB38 because she’s a lunatic leftist that makes Franken look like a conservative. And anything she touches that has guns in it goes shockingly leftist. She has sponsored and pushed much anti-gun legislation, and the Media (hwack-ptuie) loves her.

    NatRep was dead in the water. Too many Rinos were in bed with their demo friends, one way or another (kinda like the Florida Rino and Demo that killed all the in-state Florida pro-gun stuff.)

    Hopefully the elections of 2018 will be MAGA compliant, and we get a new crop of conservative congresscritters who don’t play the demo game.

    • …Franken look like a conservative.

      Lood Gord!!!

      Can we get this dolt to play a rousing game of Let’s Lick The LightSocket?

  4. Not to worry boys & girls, Kamala is grooming herself for a run for the presidency. Imagine the truly wonderful things someone to the left of barack marx obama can do for our country. If she’s lucky enough, she could make the USA another third world socialist shithole.

  5. This is a VERY dangerous woman that has nothing but contempt for the Constitution or any views that differ from her own. She is trying to be a female Obama in 2020.

  6. All – thanks for the comments! Ed, she will get on justice committee and tie it up and it will never get out of committee if she has her way.
    Posted from my iPhone.

  7. So she is California nuts crazy, and wants every one prior to a vote on a gun issue to go look at the autopsy photos of the children from Sandy Hook…

    So what is her stance on mental health issues, where parents who are trying to get help for their children are unable to?

    I would happily look at autopsy photos all day long if “they” would get the mental health issues in this country squared away. Or, if “they” would allow someone or two someones to carry on school grounds so the next time someone listens to the voices in his head and goes to shoot up a school, he gets taken out before getting close to the kids.
    There are worse things in this world than autopsy photos…try going to the scene and washing out the halls and classrooms afterwards.

    Guess no one has told her a gun is tool, like a chainsaw, or a knife, or a car, or a truck, or an airplane. It is the user that is the problem…not the inanimate object. And the trouble of legislating behavior is that people have to agree to go along with the new law. Going door to door smacks of Nazi Germany in my mind, or 1984.