Gone hunting… again…

Hopefully with better luck!


Go read the folks on the sidebar, they’re better at this than I am…

Oh yeah, and then there’s this one…

Which is probably what I’ll see… again…

Out of pocket til Monday AM, y’all have a good weekend!


Gone hunting… again… — 9 Comments

  1. If it wasn’t for snake, we wouldn’t know what chicken tasted like.

  2. Three wild turkeys sound like a herd of buffalo, in whitetail country. The amazing bit is how instantly silent they become when made aware of a hunter’s presence.

  3. Have fun, don’t freeze, and bring back pictures so we can see also.

  4. A lady friend of mine went to Cozumel for a week a couple of years ago, and the tour of the Mayan ruins included a dinner, at which they served Iguana.
    The guide asked the assemblage if they thought it tasted like chicken, and my friend, with her usual straight face and New England dry humor, replied:
    “No, it’s a little fishier. It tastes more like Bald Eagle.”
    Dead silence at the table.

    She works for the Indiana Department of Natural Resources.

  5. I recently heard someone say that in the military, everything tastes like chicken – except the chicken.