This is the only thing I saw, that I could’ve taken a shot at! One big old fat raccoon. Not a deer to be seen.



Nada… — 15 Comments

  1. Just one measly raccoon? That won’t do. What happened to your mojo?

  2. Where have all the deer gone? During the fall and early winter I can’t drive 5 miles on any road in my county in NC without a dead one along side the road. That doesn’t count just the sightings along the road.

  3. Quite clearly, the deer are smarter than the hunters.
    Yourself excluded or course. :->

  4. Maybe the deer are smart enough to read the blog, realize their life could be in danger as you advertised you were going hunting, so they stayed by the road, where it was safe as they have learned they don’t get shot by the road…

    Ducking and running for cover..:)

    • What I was about to say: the deer now have smartphones and they follow your blog. Would that they also bought books! (OK, besides _1001 Vegan Recipes_ that is).

      *runs opposite direction from Suz*

  5. Deer have calendars and a copy of the current regulations. Turkeys do as well. I’ve found that if you want to find deer, go turkey hunting.

  6. All- “Thanks” for the comments… Sigh…

    Posted from my iPhone as I cry in my beer…

  7. If you went for the raccoon, you could have made yourself a cap.