Back to reality…


Welp, no deer again. As a matter of fact, the closest I got to one was driving out of the deer lease…

Another 10 feet, and I’d have popped that sucker with my pistol out the car window! We were driving down a caliche road, fenced on both sides, when we saw a good sized doe. She rand down the road about 20 yards, then started coming back at us.

I stopped, and she kept coming, then jumped the fence about 10 yards in front of us! A little closer and I would have taken that shot! Sigh…

And this morning we found out that in addition to a Jaguarundi on the property, that Lawdog saw last night, there is a mountain lion in the area!

Might have a ‘bit’ to do with the fact we didn’t see any deer in our blinds… Dammit…

But in the good news category, or the you gotta love Texas girls category, your choice; this 20 year old young lady got her first deer on her first hunt! And as you can see, she is cleaning it herself (Granted, she got a lot of advice)!

And there was ‘something’ moving back in the bush on the left side of the clearing, but I didn’t have a clear enough view to shoot. Same as in the morning. Pretty sure it was a deer, but if I can’t tell whether it’s a buck or a doe, and for sure which way it’s pointing, I’m not taking the shot.

But the bright side was two days of no internet, two days of no TV, and a significant reduction in my BP, so I’ll take that and be happy!


Back to reality… — 14 Comments

  1. Reduction in BP?
    Time spent in the great outdoors?
    Deer sighting?

    You had a good couple of days.

    Sadly there are way too many people who will shoot at a sound.

  2. Our results at the ranch were the same. Mainly some does, javelina and a small eight pointer that was hauling A across the neighbors pasture. Even if he had stopped and offered a shot, we would have passed – too small and we want him to grow up and spread those genes.

    Weather was fantastic – beautiful sunrise – very peaceful. I was content with the hunt.

  3. Sounds like you might have been hunting in a s%$#hole country, at least by the definition of msm and eastern elite dimmocrats. Sounds like heaven to me! Lol.

  4. Hey Old NFO;

    Glad you had a good adventure in the woods, and as far as your deer sighting goes…I understand, I have hit more deer with my car than I hit with my rifle….and so life goes….

  5. Well, a lower BP means that you will be around to go again another day and have more adventures. So it sounds like a good time was had by all.

  6. There are plenty of deer in the woods around our neighborhood. They come up into my cross-the-street neighbors yard to eat the acorns. I’ve had to be careful at certain times of the year when driving past one of the wooded lots, because they come bouncing out in front of my truck.
    I don’t hunt, but I do make jerky. My coworker gave me several pounds of venison mixed with ground beef to make jerky one year. It came that way from the processor, as a jerky mix. Why mix beef with venison? Is it a taste thing, or is there not enough fat in the venison to make good jerky?

  7. All- Thanks for the comments! And yes, I enjoyed it, even if I never got a shot!

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  8. It’s good to get out, even if you don’t get a chance at getting a shot off.
    I enjoyed every piece of jerky I had, because Dad had walked, and walked, and walked me to even get to the deer/elk. No tree stands around here, and no feeders.

  9. Could it be your problem is being law abiding? Poaching is so much more productive. A very early childhood memory is a bloody deer carcass landing behind the front seat while I was asleep in the back seat. I should add my kin were subsistence hunters.

  10. I hit a deer in the Jeep in Concord, Massachusetts. Wolfgang chases them all the time here in northern Maryland. Give me a rifle and get me up at OhMyGodThirty and I won’t ever see another one.

  11. A bad day hunting is still better than the best day at work. Gotta remember that. By the way, I’ve found that deer tags need a slow braise in either wine or good broth to come out fork tender.