I gotta brag…

On one of my friends…

12 years, 5200 hours (conservatively), and a VERY patient wife…

He designed and fabricated the dash and center console, plus the wiring harness, and that was just the start of it!

Designed the stereo system and installed/wired it.

Built the engine and designed the installation.

Over 500 hours of sanding on the body.

And a show winner the first time out!!!

He literally did EVERYTHING from design and assembly including body work, engine design and assembly, drive line suspension, interior, frame, brakes, AC, exhaust, fuel, electrical, cooling, stereo, etc.

1933 3 window coupe 3” chopped and frenched with suicide doors, Ford 351W 430 HP 430 FTLbs, Tremec 3550 manual, leather interior and trunk, chromed grille, mirrors, headlights, taillights, and windshield surround, AC, PB, Manual steering, Power Windows, Power trunk, wipers, 8 speaker stereo, 4 wheel disc brakes, 4 link 9” rear 3.73 ratio

Yes, he is a ‘tad’ anal retentive, but it paid off… Proud of you Brian, and Kim for putting up with your ‘obsession’ !!!


I gotta brag… — 19 Comments

  1. Beautiful work.
    After reading your post I realized that am not really all that OCD after all!

  2. John- LOL, no comment…

    PH/Rev- It is! The pictures don’t do it justice!

    Fargo- You need to roll up to school in that… LOL

  3. Wow! That is drop dead gorgeous! And I love that color blue!!
    Good for him!

  4. Hey Old NFO;

    Dang, that is well done. Pass on the Kudo’s for that build…

  5. OH.
    That is a thing of beauty.
    If Kim gets fed up with him I’ll marry him! OK, maybe my wife wouldn’t approve. Could he adopt me?

  6. Outstanding! Really wonderful – or as I might have said back when I was wrenching on drag cars, ‘pretty neato cool, man!’. I ope he is as proud of his work as he has a right to be.