101,000 words. The draft will be going out this weekend to the alpha readers.

And here’s a first look at a possible cover. Tina did another great job!


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  1. Cool ! Thanks for the update and hard work to get it published.

  2. That is a GREAT cover! Can’t wait to read the book!

  3. You do realize that you will be writing these characters until either you kill off the characters or you die whichever comes first. Right?

  4. I’m thinking that W.E.B Griffin felt the same way after Badge of Honor, book 4. 🙂 I’ll wait somewhat patiently, really like the characters and the details of their world. Sunrise may continue with Aaron taking a real shine to gray Dickies, and weathering into the landscape. Lots of good families, good values, and good arms. Thank you.

  5. How soon will you open up pre-orders (if you haven’t already)?

  6. Bob- LOL

    PK- Thanks, probably… LOL

    Rick- I don’t do pre orders. I just wait till it’s up and the links are correct before I put it out there. I don’t want disappointed people, if I have to fix something that I find at the 11th hour.

  7. Strongly second Psychokittehs’ comment. You have a wonderful world, and a great ensemble of characters who can all grow with the story over time. And they have KIDS !!!

    Who knows, you may – eventually – have to have another writer in to play in your world, as W.E.B. Griffin and Anne McCaffrey did.

    But not until you write a BUNCH more of these. Thanks!
    JPDev – John Sage

  8. In the immortal words of Sir Issac Newton: “Diamond, Diamond. Little do you know the trouble you’ve done.”