Isn’t THAT interesting…

Apparently, Larry Nasser was just the tip of the iceberg of sexual assault at Michigan State.

Michigan State University claimed, to all and sundry they have properly handled all sexual assault, violence and gender discrimination complaints.

But… ESPN’s Outside the Lines found something significantly different, HERE.

This one may equal or exceed the Penn State/Sandusky scandal.

Sadly, the proliferation of these attacks is, IMHO, laid directly at the feet of the coaches, ADs, and administrators at HS, college, and professional levels that routinely cover up/protect those athletes, since they are the money makers for their respective teams…

If we get more concealed carry on campus, and more women carrying, that just ‘might’ put a stop to a lot of this crap. The other way would be some daddies showing up on campus hunting for bear…




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  1. ” some daddies showing up on campus hunting for bear…”
    Maybe there’s a guide business in there somewhere.
    I know Lansing and Ann arbor…

  2. If it had been my daughter, someone wouldn’t have made it to court. Hard to show up for trial after you’ve gone feet first into a wood chipper.

  3. “some daddies showing up on campus hunting for bear…”

    With any luck, yes. But arming the intended victims would be best of all.

  4. You might remember my granddaughter from Libertycon last year. She was the one wearing a pin-on button that said “Warning: I am very dear to someone who can shoot you from 500 yards away.” She wasn’t kidding. Of course, inside 300 yards, she could do it herself!

    • When I was in college, had I seen a button like that I would have had two questions, maybe three.

      One, are you serious? 500 yards?
      Two, how do I get to meet him?
      Three, are you still unattached, and how do you feel about dinner tonight?

      500 yards is a long way.

      • And, from Mythbusters, “It’s the distance of the average restraining order.”

        Episode dealing with being able to dodge bullets. Answer? No!

  5. I heard one news commentator blame President Trump. No nexus, just general blame.

  6. Actually they are trying to tie Nassar to both Dantonio (football) and Izzo (basketball)… in that respect neither had any contact with Nassar as he reported to the College of Osteopathic Medicine, not the Athletic Department and neither coach or team had contact with him… So that’s disingenuous at best… That’s not to say that there were or may have been incidents involving the football or basketball teams that were not reported or investigated correctly… but that’s a totally separate issue… The state attorney general has appointed a special prosecutor, with assistance from the Michigan State Police, to fully investigate the Nassar matter… Sad to say there is no doubt in my mind that foar at least the administration side of the university, this is going to get ugly.. and the lawsuits from the affected gymnasts haven’t even started yet

  7. Interesting isn’t the word I would use. Sad, very sad is more like it. Here’s hoping that with a change at the top of the administration heap, things change.
    I tag a lot of this to the evaporation of manners in the current culture. And, yes, being able to carry on campus might help to a certain degree. There are a lot of women who know how to use a gun, at least according to the Viewer’s Brag Board on Michigan Out of Doors.
    But raising boys to be men and not bullies would go quite a bit further in my book. So would teaching your daughters not to go out drinking.

  8. Larry Nasser is a disgusting sack of **** and deserves at a minimum to buried under a prison never to see the light of day. Personally I would like to see a more painful punishment, but the constitution and all.

    Collegiate athletics have long been a protected cesspool on many campuses. Money, prestige, and protection by alumna conspire to keep the behavior of athletes, coaches, and associated personnel under the rug. Campus carry could affect the bottom line by removing some predators from the system and of course must be opposed at all costs.

  9. All- Thanks for the comments! Chris- Apparently the Nasser case started some people looking at who else had been ‘ignored’… That brought Dantonio and Izzo’s teams up.

    Posted from my iPhone.

  10. It’s not just sex assaults. Local university that fields a pretty good football team that had one whole year erased because of a coach with the last name that sounds like “Mall” is just as bad, or worse.

    Football player has ‘his’ car (and where does a poor kid from the sticks manage to get a $50k car? Hmmm.) impounded and he breaks into the impound yard, beats up the attendant and takes his car away. Cops chase him, catch him. Impound owner is screaming bloody murder and then his phone rings, and rings, and rings and suddenly, poof, all charges dropped, it’s just a misunderstanding.

    Or, 4 drunk underage college players break into a house to steal ‘stuff’ (drugs, it’s always drugs) and, hey, they’re just boisterous and rowdy kids. Nothing to see here.

    And any drug charges are just vaporous.

    Gun charges? Don’t see any stinking guns here…

    The university, the local city, local media are all complicit in covering up criminality by the ‘big money maker.’

    Actually have heard the phrase, “Are you trying to ruin his chance at making money after college?” Silly me, I thought going to classes and getting an education was what was going to help the ex-student make money after school.

  11. Andrew- Yep, that’s been going on for years, and NOT just in the SEC… sigh…

    Sam- Frankly, I am too!