The left is at it again…

And again… Figures lie and liars figure… This… From the Oklahoman…

IN its efforts to advance gun control measures, the Violence Policy Center compiles data to bolster its policy positions. We have no problem with that. But in doing so, the center has connected dots that don’t line up while obscuring key data that undermines their positions.

In its recent report, “U.S. Gun Death Rate Jumps 17 Percent Since 2008 Supreme Court District of Columbia v. Heller Decision Affirming Right to Own a Handgun for Self-Defense,” the Violence Policy Center examines gun-death data for all 50 states.

Full OpEd, HERE.

And John Lott put out a new study on illegal immigrants based on 32 years of data from the Arizona Prison System…

We calculate shares of the prison population based on the age at which the criminal entered prison. So undocumented immigrants between 15 and 35 make up 2.27% of the total population and 7.94% of convicts. While the legal population between 15 and 35 represents 26.7% of the total population, they account for just 54.7% of the legal population in prison. Young undocumented immigrants make up a 71% greater share of their group’s share of the prison population relative to their group’s share of the general population than the same ratio for legal residents.

The full article at National Review is HERE.

Of course the Cato institute and others are melting down… HERE is one example. I simply cannot believe the lengths the left is going to, to paint the DACAs as ‘contributing’ citizens… No question there are a few percentage points that actually DO contribute, but not ALL of them. Lott’s is one a group of reports, almost none of which are carried by the MSM, that show similar breakdowns of the data for crimes, welfare, etc.

What happened to taking care of America and American citizens first? Why should ‘my’ hard earned money go to these illegals so they can live off the dole???



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  1. Dear Jim;
    Please beware that even thinking about those things that you have written about will cause you to be labeled any one or more (usually more)of the following horrible horrible horrible behavior patterns.
    Islamophobic, homophobic, misogynistic, fascist, right wing hater, hate filled redneck and as always raaaaacist.
    Please drastically reduce your IQ and commence to think the Correct way.

    A concerned snow crystal.

  2. As Roger stated above, kindly slow your mind to a snail’s pace, and fall in line with the other sheep. No one said you could think for yourself! 🙂

  3. Yes, firearm deaths have increased, but…

    Take away the deaths caused by gangs of ‘children’ in wonderful scenic places like Chicago, and the rates downturned. The only rate that has remained stable have been white males committing suicide by gun.

    Oh, yeah, an increase in ‘victims’ caused by self defence, but that is, compared to ‘children’ slabbing ‘children,’ almost zero in comparison.

    Once again, Mark Twain was right. Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics

  4. Here’s another one you won’t see much of:

    Over $138 Billion in remittances sent from the US to countries worldwide in 2016. The top four, Mexico, China, India and the Philippines, add up to almost $65 billion.

    That’s on top of the direct foreign aid/AID budget; the 2018 request on that was under $40 billion for 2018.

  5. Hey Old NFO;

    if you don’t change your groupthink, you will find yourself in a reeducation camp, don’tcha know….According to the democrats, all illegal immigrants are good and all Americans are bad.

  6. Clearly, Dems have demonstrated their hatred of Americans.