I don’t normally eat pizza…

But homemade, deep dish Chicago pizza is worth a try…

Probably 1200 calories a slice, but it was good. Pizza coma in three, two, ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzz


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  1. We’re all going to go sometime. Might as well go with a song in your heart and pizza in your mouth.

  2. Home made? I would be more than willing to try a slice even if your estimate of 1200 calories might be understated by an order of magnitude.

    I remember one occasion when my wife and I were using up a gift certificate and tried a chain’s version of Chicago deep dish pizza. Halfway through the meal I glanced down at the inside of my wrist and said, “I swear I can see the globs of fat moving through my veins!”

    There is truth to what LL said.

  3. The secret is in the crust, like all good or great pizza. Deep dish pizza take a slightly different recipe, to hold its shape and texture. This looks really good. I’m getting food coma just from looking a t teh piccccccccccccccccccccccccccc …………………..

    Pizza fhtagn!

  4. Everybody’d better hurry up and indulge! Lent starts on Wednesday (if you follow the western church calendar.)

  5. Deep dish is the only way to go, and homemade is the best way to go!!

    Thin crust pizza is just tomato sauce, veggies and cheese on a cracker 🙂

    Anyways, your salad helps counter-act the pizza calories, so if you had only 1 piece of pizza, ya didn’t blow your diet too badly. And if you had only 1 piece of that pizza, you have a lot more discipline then me!

  6. All- Thanks for the comments, and one piece was ALL I could eat, I was FULL!!!

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  7. Many years ago, there was a place named “Last Chance Pizza Mill” in Tucson which had deep dish pizza. The Small was 10-12″ across and at least an inch deep. Mighty tasty, too.
    Ah, memories of younger days…

  8. Ex- Umm… 🙂

    Rev- Yeah, yeah, that’s it!

    Sam- LOL, ah yes, to be young and stupid again… 🙂

  9. Don’t forget that yesterday WAS National Pizza Day! And pizza is the ‘perfect’ food: grains, dairy, veggies and protein all in one handy slice.
    Full disclosure – YES I did stop for some 😉

    • Yesterday was Friday. Every Friday is Pizza Day here. I don’t cook on Fridays, so we either go out for pizza or pop a doctored up one in the oven. 🙂

  10. Hey Old NFO;

    Glad you got the salad to balance out the Pizza, that is a balanced meal. You could get more pizza….

  11. I’m sorry folks but that ain’t pizza, it’s lasagna with less pasta.

  12. Pizza is the perfect food! It combines the five major food groups in one place. (The food groups are sugar, salt, starch, grease, and red pepper.)

  13. Malnati’s, Pequod’s, Gino’s East are amongst the best deep dish pizza in Chicago. The Frugal Gourmet has a really good recipe in his “Frugal Gourmet cooks American” cookbook for those who like homemade.

  14. never had Chicago style because TEXAS, but the wife has when she was in Chitown and swears it was the best ever….maybe one day i can try it

  15. That looks yummy. Strange note. I have those same dishes. LOL