All I can say…

Is WOW!!!

You can see the makeup of the US Olympic Snowboarding Team, HERE.

Red Gerard and Chloe Kim, two 17 year old ‘phenoms’ have won two of the first three Gold Medals for the US at the Winter Olympics. Apparently they both started at around 4 years old…

Simply amazing, and congratulations to both of them! Their joie de virve, and the comradeship with not only their teammates, but their competitors is a pleasure to see. I find it interesting to see that both of them have strong families supporting them, and making no bones about their pride in their children’s accomplishments.

And OBTW, the third Gold Medal was also won by a snow border, the ‘old lady’ at 27, Jamie Anderson!  Link, HERE.



All I can say… — 9 Comments

  1. I caught one of them on the tube. emcee: “So you just won gold, what are you gonna do next?”
    GMW: “I dunno… graduate high school I suppose!”

    • Speaking as a teacher, graduating is a good thing. 🙂 Now, are they getting PE credit for the Olympics, or do they have to take a semester of basketball or something “official?”

  2. Somebody has to make up for the spectacularly poor showing by our figure skaters, so far.

    “Ooooh, Look at meeeee, I’m Gaaaaaaaay. And helped my team to a 2nd Loser medal, weeeeeeeee!!!!!”

  3. Apparently they both started at around 4 years old…

    As a high school age resident of Steamboat Springs, CO aka Ski Town USA, I’ve seen them younger than that blowing by me on the town ski hill.

    The elementary school had a small hill and a rope tow for the students to use during recess and after school.

  4. It is very nice to see good news on the TV, as well as kids having fun, and talking about working hard to get to the Olympics.