Logical extension???

Cobbled together from various things I’ve hear/seen over the last couple of days…

So, apparently the Legal age to own/buy a gun needs to go 21 since liberals and progressive are projecting their distrust onto teens they don’t believe are responsible or mature enough to handle the ownership of a weapon.

Ok, if that’s the hill they want to die on…let’s go there.If they’re not mature and responsible enough to own a gun until they’re 21:

No driving a car until their 21. They’ll kill more people.

No voting until they’re 21…that’s a huge responsibility and they’re just not mature enough to make a reasoned and mature decision.

No video violent games until they’re 21. self explanatory.

No credit cards until they’re 21…self explanatory.

No military service until 21. Same reasons.

Want to keep going?  What else can we add?


Logical extension??? — 24 Comments

  1. No marriage

    No contracts

    If no contracts, can’t finance a car either…

    If kids aren’t able to own a gun because they are too immature, then marriage and signing contracts should be too hard for them too.

  2. Must be 21 or older to buy or possess Tide Pods. Any household with children under 21 must keep said Pods in a secure locked safe inaccessible to said children. You must be licensed to purchase Tide Pods and be registered with the state prior to purchase.
    Take it from here…
    (Absolutely no visitation time available last week. Fly in, work, eat, sleep, fly home. Two meals away from hotel/work in six days – first and last. You know the drill.)

  3. No internet connection or access until 21. Too many sites call for credit card use; access to video games online and MMO violent games; too many other things they’re not mature enough for.

    Reference and research? Well, kids, librarian is a job description and not a device. Have one of them research “computer” for you.

    After all, it’s for the children ….
    (keep the face straight)

  4. Under 21?

    No tobacco
    No marijuana
    No fireworks
    No lighters
    No paints/thinners/solvents/correction fluid/propane(inhalants)
    No laser pointers
    No “smart”phones – too immature to risk social media
    No social media accounts (FB, Twitter, etc.)

    And, of course ABSOLUTELY NO political work/volunteering due to the huge Indoctrination Risk of such.

  5. In 1969, at age 18, I was considered to be mature enough to be sent to a war zone and be issued automatic weapons. According to many on the left, I now lack that maturity. Go figure.

  6. No college.
    Under 21 means not mature enough to see through liberal brainwashing.

  7. In Texas, they changed the legal age to 18 before I was out of high school. Since I was only 17 at graduation, I had to wait before I could purchase alcohol, or vote. I waited until I was of age to do either, and worked odd jobs, until I was of age to work in the oil field.

    The difference from today? Personal responsibility. That’s what’s lacking today, and it’s easily persuaded with stricter parents, a refusal to slap the hands of young criminals, and demands of responsibility for those under the age of 18.

    This might not set well with younger folks, but they’ll never understand they are basically adults at 16, unless they’re forced to accept responsibility for their actions at that age. They can do it, but it means to stop being immature, which seems to be acceptable to many today at ages past their mid twenties.

  8. And while this is going on, lefties are also pretending to be so impressed by the teenage anti-gun activists that it’s a good reason to lower the voting age.

  9. All- Can’t disagree, and yes, I could drink, vote, and was shooting automatic weapons at 18 too… Sigh… There is no personal responsibility today, at least not among the young/leftists…

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  10. This was left as a comment (not mine) on another blog, but it seems germane to this thread so I’ll leave it here.

    “Infantilizing the nation by allowing people to remain on their parent’s health insurance until 26, forcing them to remain in school until at least 18 years old, then restricting their ability to buy certain things until 21 is a huge part of this.
    As a side note, we are currently being lectured by people 16-18 years of age – who apparently know what’s best for us – that the voting age should be lowered to 16 while the age minimum for long gun ownership should be raised to 21. ‘I can’t be trusted to own a rifle, but should be trusted to vote’. Does anyone else see the conflict with this logic?
    Does anyone else recall the outrage at Edward Snowdens age when he leaked classified information? I recall John McCain demanding to know why someone 29 years old was trusted with top secret info. Will 29 be the next age target for the incremental infantilization of America?”

    • I’m old enough I can remember when the voting age went to 18 due to a court case, “because we can be sent to fight & die at age 18, but can’t vote on it.”

      The flip point is equally important. Raising the age for everything so we are kept in an adolescent state, necessarily means that we have a (liberal) guardian to make sure we indoctrinated in proper think, and trained to behave in proper ways. Also, as long as you are a ward, you can be denied “things that might hurt you”, for your good.

      From that viewpoint, lowering the voting age to 16 fits well, since they will vote in the ways their (liberal) guardians want.

      I’ll go further and note that the anti-gun indoctrination thru all of school and college is to create a new generation of people who won’t touch a gun, because they have been trained 12-16 years to be afraid of it. At that point, removal of the 2nd amendment won’t be an issue, since there will be an entire generation trained to hate guns.

  11. I want to say the legal age to vote in NY had been 21, and just before I turned 18, it was lowered to 18. And booze was 21. That was the argument that was used to lower the age to 18…you could go into the military at 18, or 17 with parental permission. Couldn’t get married until at least 18. So in the 70’s, at 18 you could vote, and drink since you could go into the military. Have no clue about guns, but I had lots of boyfriends who went hunting when deer season came around when I was in my teens in the mid-70’s.

    But, kids are raised differently now. Much more protected now, and not encouraged to work, or pushed to be more independent.

    And, I still think this is all a red herring to avoid talking about mental health issues in this country. That is the problem! Sane folks don’t go around shooting kids, or any one else. Bat crap crazy folks do that. Or they run them over, or blow them up, or knife ’em, etc…
    The difference is sane folks might want to shoot some folks sometimes, but they do NOT act on the thought, bat crap crazy nutjobs DO.

    Sigh. This entire situation makes ME crazy!!

  12. I’m starting to think it is time to repeal the 26th Amendment. The American media-educational complex has made most teenagers a greater menace to the public at the polls than with a gun.

  13. I got my first rifle, an Ithaca Model 29 lever action, single shot .22 with an open hammer, when I was nine years old. But that was me, and my parents gave it to me. I was taught gun safety long before I got my rifle.

    Age restrictions prohibited me from buying ammunition, which I think you had to be 21 to buy.

    Back when my parents were growing up, you weren’t anything until you were 21. You didn’t have civil rights, you had children’s rights – meaning someone had to take care of you and accompany you on anything important. When you hit 21, you were good to go.

    As I remember it, the age for a driver’s license was 15, but raised to 16 – and it should be 21 in Ohio. You could get a special agricultural license at 12, but that was for farm kids that had more to worry about than the rest of us.

  14. Craig- Agreed, that comment is on the money!!!

    Suz- Good point!

    TOS- You DO have a point! Sigh…

    MJ- Got mine at 8, had a driver’s license at 14, able to drink at 18. But with that came the RESPONSIBILITY to do those things with common sense.

  15. No nothing. Make them juveniles with no rights or privileges until they are 21.

  16. One might argue that it is unconstitutional to not let 18 year olds buy a gun. Since the second amendment says the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. If it is not talking about the “people” being the ones old enough to vote than what defines to people?

  17. IIRC, until the ’68 Gun Control law, the Feds had no say on age and guns. Any age restrictions were state or local regs. I do recall hunting regs that were age controlled prior to that year.
    I remember being offered a sub-gun for sale that year. I declined, due to the cost of feeding it. Didn’t see any use for it, if I couldn’t afford to shoot it. Also, I didn’t know about the $200 tax stamp needed. Wait, there was a vague comment about an amnesty for un-registered guns. Really fuzzy memories about this. Not sure I even looked in the (grocery) bag at it.
    I was also unsure how my father would react to my coming home with a personal machinegun at age 16. He gave me my first gun at age 7-(8?), but that would have been a big step up over .22 and shotguns!

    Found out later that he often had guns in his car trunk, as buying/selling/swapping guns was common in the auto industry. Well, up to ’68, that is. This was in the Philly area.