Grrr… 14 freaking months…

FOURTEEN… Sigh… Three, count ’em, three back and forths with BATFEIEIO for more forms…

But I finally got my grubby paws on it. Now comes the ‘fun’ of getting the rifles updated with the correct flash hider/muzzle brake to accept the suppressor.

Why did I wait, you may ask? Because the gunsmith said it would be stupid to change out flash hiders without having the suppressor to mount and confirm clearances.

Soooo… Dropping the rifles off Monday, then wait 3-4 more weeks for them to be done!

Glad I didn’t wait for the HPA to become law, because I’d be even FURTHER behind than I already was. Of course it’s not all bad, I still don’t have the subsonic ammo I ordered…



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  1. I also had been waiting for the HPA to pass. I guess I’ll just have to get on the end of the line.

  2. Ridiculous. You should be able to walk into a store and walk out the same day with one of those. If you have the wherewithal to make your own, you should be able to. Stupid law needs reformation.

  3. I dropped my package in the mailbox and then wondered why I had a picture of myself on the seat of my truck…oops, it feel out of wasn t sealed in the envelope properly. Envisioning a restart after months of delay, i went home and sent an email to the contact point in the BATFE website. I described the problem and identified myself, asking for their suggestions on remedying the problem. That was Saturday, on Wednesday I got a reply email from an examiner. He said he had my packet, nothing else was missing and have me an address to mail the photo to. He also told me as long as he got the photo before he got to me in the stack i would not lose any any time. He mentioned there were only a few examiners for many thousands of applications.
    I was impressed with his effort to help. It still took thirteen months, but at least I didn’t have to start over after five or six months delay.
    Btw, i found i prefer mine on a bolt of single shot rifle, no action noise means I can hear the sound slap the target!

  4. It took 9 months for my .22 can application to be completed. Thinking of building an SBR and I guess that take as long.

  5. Gary- Sadly, yes…

    WSF- Good point!

    LL- Now I have to get the guns set up…

    Jim- Agreed!!!

    RC- This one will go on both a bolt gun and a semi-auto… a twofer… 🙂

    Gerry- Probably, sigh…

  6. You’re positively flying compared to my leisurely pace on my suppressor.

    EIEIO only took 95 days to approve my Form 1.

    Two years later, I’m still waiting for my friend to pull his lathe out of storage so I can cut steel.

  7. At least your state allows you to get suppressors. After getting my layoff notice last week, I’m starting to look for a job in a better state than Illinois. Freedom! 🙂

    • The good thing about seeking a better state than Illinois is that there’s a ready supply. 😉

  8. Obviously you are an evil person who will kill black schoolchildren. Or something.

  9. To Kinnison, just about any state west of the Mississippi or south of the Mason Dixon line will work. May I suggest Arkansas or Texas?

  10. I just got a Form 4 back after 10 months; I keep getting told that demand is down and approval wait times are dropping, but I haven’t seen it yet – this took LONGER that my last one in early 2016 when there was a rush before 41P took effect.