This just… PISSES ME OFF!

An Ohio high school student says he tried to remain nonpolitical during school walkouts over gun violence and was suspended for a day because he stayed in a classroom instead of joining protests or the alternative, a study hall.

Full article, HERE.

Soooo… The school left him unsupervised, which means the teachers walked out too.  If I were the parents, I’d be suing their asses for abandonment/failure to safeguard the ‘child’…

In other news, I’ve seen some reports that ‘students’ as young as 4th and 5th grades were ‘told’ to walkout in protest at various schools.

These kids are nothing more than pawns of the left, they don’t give a damn about them, other than as a photo op. I doubt that any of those kids actually have much of a clue over the entire thing.

Bal’more, which is supposedly broke and laying off teachers, coughed up $100000 to bus their kids to DC…

In Chiraq, the kids ransacked a Wally World… HERE.

Lastly, in the GOOD news column, it appears the DOJ actually did fire FBI official Andrew McCabe last night, so no pension!

“DOJ OIG compiled a report, and the FBI’s OPR then reviewed the report and underlying documents and issued a disciplinary proposal recommending the dismissal of Mr. McCabe.  Both the OIG and FBI OPR reports concluded that Mr. McCabe had made an unauthorized disclosure to the news media and lacked candor − including under oath − on multiple occasions.”

Finally, some accountability for actions at a high level! Now it appears McCabe is ‘threatening’ to spill the beans on everybody/everything…

I wonder where Hildabeast will find ‘this’ suicide note…


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  1. You know that McCabe will write a tell-all book. “My Life as a Clinton Pawn at the FBI”, or some such. It will be a best seller and I await the reviews (I’d never buy it). He also has the $700K that his wife received by way of graft while he supervised the Clinton e-mail investigation. That will soften his landing as a civilian.

    Usually the retired FBI types get their buddies cushy corporate jobs when they punch out. I have a feeling that won’t be true of the disgraced McCabe.

    • P. S. – McCabe could always run for office in California…he enjoys positive name recognition as being progressive in the Golden State.

  2. Hey Old NFO;

    There was a lot of stupidity going on with this “walkout”. My son refused to participate and wore his “Rock River Armory” shirt that he got from NRAAM last year. I was proud of him.
    I do hope that more people get canned, from what I know, the rank and file FBI agents are pissed about their “superiors” playing fast and loose with the truth.

  3. McCabe will be found somewhere he didn’t usually go, having shot himself in the back of the head. Three times.

  4. LL- Good point!

    Bob- Proud of him!

    WSF- At least the ones that weren’t sacking WalMart…

    Rev- Yep!

    TXRed- Snerk…

  5. My admittedly crazy (insane?) theory that this is all one really screwed up LSD trip and I’m a kid in, say, 1972, tripping beyond tripping from strange accident or creepy dope-pusher and none of this insanity is really real… is starting to seem the more reasonable of the possibilities. Dear alleged Reality: Now cut that out!

  6. the ransackers are not kids. they are physically adults.
    they are also not students-i bet a look at their grades will support my assertion that they are not studying– but they are criminals and need to be charge as adults.

    • >physically adults

      It is amusing, in a twisted way, that it’s not deplorable-evil-racist whites calling black men “boys” these days, but rather progressive GoodWhites and members of the fellowship of the Eternal Victim Class(es). To my knowledge this began with the Trayvon Martin debacle (5’11”, 158 lbs at autopsy), but maybe someone has an earlier recent example?

      For further twisted amusement, I had someone angrily point out to me that “IF poor Trayvon really WAS 5’11” and 158 pounds then he was practically emaciated!” Uh huh. That works out to a body mass index of 22.0 kg/m2, or totally normal. Also, that height and weight would have put him firmly in the AIBA Middleweight boxer class.

      Ain’ no ransacking no how. It’s reparations and restorative justice, or acting out because of the patriarchy, or something.

  7. Was glad to hear that McCabe got canned…bout time someone did!
    And am very glad that my kids are grown up and that I don’t have any grandkids yet in any school. Locally, one school told their kids there would be no walkouts, that that was not the reason to go to school. They even had it on the news.

  8. I live near Hilliard, OH. It’s in the Northwest section of Columbus, OH, outside the beltway. Just west of Upper Arlington, and just south of Dublin. It’s the poor man’s version of Upper Arlington, and what it lacks in high housing costs and higher property taxes it makes up for in snobbishness. I, by the way, am in Southeast Columbus, next door to Reynoldsburg. Machine gun alley runs past my little enclave.

    I’m not surprised this happened in Hilliard. The residents truly believe they’re better than everyone else; they’d have an apoplectic fit at some of the things I’ve seen on a regular basis in my neighborhood. But then, I’m the hoi polloi. Dublin is full of pseudo antique shop fronts selling cosmetics, clothing, and clutter for the typical Dublin home. They claim to vote the straight moonbat ticket, but the breadwinners vote GOP. Quietly, least the Old Lady get all spun up and burn their dinner. Again.

    There’s a nice little massage parlor in Dublin where you’ll find All New Girls! Walk Ins Welcome!, and a second just opened up last week – Beautiful Asian Girls!! Stress Relief!!.

    So that’s Dublin. Now this crap from Dublin High? I’m not surprised. I don’t pay taxes in Dublin, so there you go.

  9. We talked with a guy on air today whose kid was in the same position. Last year he was told he couldn’t wear his Marine Corps shirt in class (his dad is a former gyrene).
    Now his son was humiliated because he refused to walk out with the other kids, who his boy said were only trying to get out of class, surprise.

        • No code required for most licenses now, and there are Ham Cram courses that will get you edumacated, tested, and licensed in one day.

  10. The two guys on my crew with kids in school both said their kids stayed in the classroom, with no hassle, so at least locally, it wasn’t a total sell-out.

    I make no such claims about the actual Seattle school district.

    As for shit-canning Feds that close to retirement, this may have a salutary effect on others. (I’m sure you and others have seen, as did I, senior NCOs and officers being allowed to retire in lieu of facing UCMJ action.)

  11. MJ- Thanks for the backstory!

    Ed/drjim- NOT surprised in the slightest…

    Drang- Agreed on all! Sigh…