The Grey Man- Book Sale!!!

GAH… For unknown reasons the book sales didn’t take… Dammit…

I must have done something wrong! I’ve reset them to run Monday-Thursday 18-22 March.

My apologies!!!

This post will be up through the weekend-

The first four The Grey Man Kindle books are on sale for the weekend, and free if you’re Amazon Prime!!!

Click the pic for a link to the books!

Sale starts at 0800 PDT, Vignettes is $.99 all weekend.

Payback is $.99 today, $1.99 on Saturday, and back to $2.99 on Monday morning.

Changes is $.99 today, $1.99 on Saturday, and back to $2.99 on Monday morning.

Partners has been reduced to $2.99 all weekend.

Sadly, I can’t reduce the prices on the paperbacks, I don’t have control of them.


The Grey Man- Book Sale!!! — 11 Comments

  1. From where I am sitting (on the east coast, Friday morning), Vignettes is at $0.99, but all the others are at $2.99.
    Is Amazon pulling a fast one on me?

  2. Old Wind- I screwed it up, that’s not Amazon’s fault… sigh

    Holly- Thank you! 🙂

  3. Didn’t see this. Just snagged the lot all the same. Not upset.

  4. I already have them, but will pass the word to some friends.

  5. Well, i clicked thinking I’ll pick up whatever I don’t have. The link comes up and the books disappear. I try thi s four times before I realize the “don t show books already in your library” box is checked….you need to write more. Please!

  6. No need to apologize. Heck, if I find them just so, I might see about dead-tree version(s) for Ma. She’s… traditionalist about some things.