TGM Book sale…

Tomorrow morning (well 0800 PDT), the previous Grey Man books will be on sale, except for Partners. I cut the price to $2.99 on it last week, and now Amazon won’t let me reduce the price again or do a promotion on it until next month.

Note- These sales will be for the Kindle books only, I can’t reduce the price on the paperbacks.Β  Sorry, I wish I could, but that’s out of my control!

Also, I do have a question… Are y’all really reading the book in one session? I’ve gotten ‘yelled at’ by a few folks about losing sleep… πŸ˜€

And as always, honest reviews are appreciated. I will have paperback copies of Twilight in the end of the month, so if you want a signed one, I’ll be getting them out then.

And lastly, THANK YOU to those who’ve put out their hard earned money on my books! It is appreciated, and I do hope you’re enjoying the book!


TGM Book sale… — 18 Comments

  1. yes sir. Then I had to play catch up on things that needed done πŸ˜›

  2. One session, no not for lack of trying. Wife ‘n two teenagers keeps this Ole Man on his toes, that and Real Life throwing its two cents. But your books are engaging reads, hate to put them down, especially between chapters.

  3. Sleepy this morning. Finished your book in one session at way too early this morning.

  4. If I’d started the book earlier in the day yesterday, perhaps. But too many interruptions & changes of direction … darn it. Got to the 60% mark, and plan to finish it today. But first I have to run the snow blower again.

  5. Yes, one session. Got to sleep about 2 a.m.
    This is pretty normal for me with several authors, Child and Hunter, for example, or Parker when he was still with us.
    Congratulations, by the way, for the lack of typos in the Kindle edition. So many authors don’t seem to take the time or trouble to even proof what they are selling.
    I do note that Twilight is more a series of short stories than a sustained novel. It’s beads on a string. They are shiny and very satisfying individually, but only the characters connect them. That’s not a complaint, but it was somewhat of a surprise. I wonder what the next one will be like. The Ryan story plus a nice fat Vietnam backstory? I can’t wait to see.

  6. Haven’t started TGM yet, trying to get another book finished first. I don’t read in one session anything ever. However this series finishes faster than most for me. I don’t know why other than it pulls me in and I read more than usual.

  7. My wife finished it yesterday in one sitting. Said she greatly enjoyed it. πŸ™‚

  8. Two sessions, started it one evening, made myself stay away from it until the following evening because I wanted to make it last. I really enjoyed the Cowboy Shoot on the property, you shared that with us about a year ago and most of all, the Texas Ranger Walker Pistol was an excellent chapter, Hayes and the guys first used Colts on the Guadalupe against Comanches about ten miles from my house, first time an effective repeater used in combat. And the morality of the transaction. I will stop there so I don’t spoil the story for those who have not read the book yet.

  9. >Are y’all really reading the book in one session?
    Maybe? A single long evening, but in two “bouts” of MCO-DTW then DTW-BOS, so does that count as one or two sessions?

  10. Jim, any idea when Twilight will be available in Kindle? (I’m sleeping so well it’s been months since I’ve stayed up until dawn….)

  11. I forced myself to read in in two sittings, but it was the same day. Otherwise equivalent of brain freeze from eating ice cream too fast. Twilight read that smoothly, with 4-5 different vignettes happening at a time. Suddenly I was at the Retirement chapter.

    You tell good stories about good people and interesting villains. Writing is structured well, with few or no awkward gaps or inconsistencies between vignettes. The books wrap up the grey man at home with his family or close friends. This is “comfort food” writing, much like Jesse fixates on meatloaf, mashed potatoes, and green beans. We like it, it’s warm and filling, and goes down so easy.

    You’ve said one more books planned, but after Partners and Twilight, there’s one heck of a possible set of back stories for the younger Grey Man. I read a lot of hints about his exploits as a younger man, which would make good but bone-chilling tales. Some of those tales may be told to Aaron and Matt as they sit on the porch of an evening, each with a cup of coffee in his hand and a pistol on his hip.

    Thank you. The Grey Man series is what I use for relaxation.

  12. Sleep is for the weak. Or those without a good book to read.

  13. 3 separate times in the easy chair, but all within 24 hours. It was a “can’t put it down” but I gave up when I couldn’t keep my eyes open but came back to it the next evening and the only “break” was to cook dinner.

  14. Ok, so I can’t do in all in one session, but that is because the stove needs fire wood, and hubby wanted me to cook dinner. But anytime I wasn’t doing something like that, and I did stay up til 1:15AM cause I was almost done. And I wanted to see how it ended. So, yes, in one day.
    Both Psychokitteh and THOTpolice said it far better than I could today.
    Besides I am a fast reader and have been for decades. I was also very impressed with the lack of typo’s…I only saw 3 in the entire story.
    Was also thinking not only could you do a series of back stories of Cronin’s (and Billy’s) past, or you could continue into the future following Jessie, Aaron, Felicia and Matt. But I figure you will tell whatever stories the characters tell you to tell. πŸ™‚

  15. All- Thanks for the comments, and if you found typoos πŸ™‚ Please send them to me. I WILL correct the books!

    Posted from my iPhone.

  16. Did I just step into a JL Curtiss/ JD Kinsman crossover? What are Jake and Ram up to? Are you both the same guy? HELP