Headcount please…

For those that are planning on coming to NRA, we’re looking at dinner on Friday night at 1915 at Texas de Brazil, 2727 Cedar Springs Rd in Dallas. It will probably run $55-60 bucks with tip, but it is SO worth it…

It’s a Brazilian style churrascaria, in other words a carnivore’s “paradise”, guaranteed to induce a meat coma… LOL Link, HERE.

Please let me know in comments if you can make it and how many. I’m trying to get reservations in early, before everybody else jumps on it and we end up having dinner at McDonalds… Just sayin…


Headcount please… — 18 Comments

  1. I would like to attend and finally meet a group of people who I have truly enjoyed reading their writings for the last ten years. Just me from Northern Minnesota.

  2. I ate at the Texas de Brazil in Houston on a business trip a few years back. Excellent food and amazing experience. If their Dallas location is anywhere near as good, and you’re going to be there, I’d definitely recommend giving it a try. Alas, from where I live it is two hours north or south to their nearest location.

  3. I’ll be in town for the meeting but not sure I want to spend that much for a hunk of meat, let me think about it for a bit.

  4. Fargo- Understood. Next year!!!


    Gomez- There will be a party Saturday night, less expensive. 🙂

  5. Dallas has turned into a far left blue city and tried to cancel NRA’s meeting. I’ll go across city lines to eat. But thanks for the invite.

  6. Alas, my wife and I already have a dinner invitation for Friday night. We’re open for something on Saturday night if there’s something then.

  7. I’d love to attend and meet you guys who I read daily. Met some of you before. Just 1.

  8. Alas.. The SandCastle Crew will be absent.. Our Loss 🙁 The SCSon is newly gainfully employed as of this week and can’t take the time, etc…. We join you in spirit!

  9. Excellent choice in restaurants. Wish I could join you.

  10. All- Thanks for the comments, looks like right at a dozen folks, so it should be ‘interesting’!!!

  11. Would love to but am becoming a geo-bachelor. Company is letting me take a position in Colorado Springs and will be headed West in a couple of weeks. Wife will be staying with the house and her current position.
    In the meantime, y’all be safe and have tons of fun. I’ll catch up with you another time. And if you’re in Colorado, HOLLER!

  12. Hey Old NFO;

    I will be there Saturday Night, if we are doing something that day it would be cool.

  13. Got it folks… Now the fun will begin! I will be the old fart with the moustache and retired Navy hat! Ask for the Curtis table.