Book pimping!!!

Alma Boykin has a new book out!!!

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The 10th book in the series, it continues the ‘adventures’ Rada and others. The Blurb-

Years, lightyears, and enemies… It’s enough to turn a cat grey.

After seven year-turns on Drakon IV, Rada Ni Drako needs a rest from her “vacation.” Facing down angry nobles, wildlife gone amok, blood feuds, and a few other minor upsets have taken their toll, as Rada finally admits. Her heart longs for Joschka and Ter-Tri.

Rada’s enemies have not forgotten her. Both the Traders and some humans on Ter-Tri want Rada for their own purposes. Rada and Joschka must thread their way through ambushes, bureaucracy, a House spat, and the trials and tribulations of ordinary life if the Cat and her Dragon are going to find some peace and quiet.

And then a werewolf appears. 

Adventure, battles, weddings, paperwork, and the dreaded curry-loaf await!

Go, read, enjoy!!!


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