Book giveaway!!!

DJ Butler is hosting a week long book giveaway and I’ve donated 5 copies of Rimworld- Diplomatic Immunity to the pool! APRIL 2022 FIVE-BOOK GIVEAWAY $80 VALUE 5 WINNERS SIX WRITERS are banding together to bring you a giveaway of … Continue reading

Book promos…

As ‘indie’ authors (in other words self published with little/no support and advertising) it is hard to get our works out there for the public to see. So… I’m going to be doing a weekly post on other ‘starving writers’ … Continue reading

Book, er… Short story pimping… :-)

Alma over at Cat Rotator’s Quarterly has a new short out! And it’s only 0.99 cents!!! Click the cover to get it! The blurb- Of all the gods, men fear the Scavenger the most. Wise men and women take pains … Continue reading

Book pimping!!!

Peter’s third book in the Cochrane’s Company trilogy is up! Click the cover to get it! The Blurb- The shadow war started as a simple contract to defend a system against asteroid thieves. The harder Andrew Cochrane and Hawkwood Security … Continue reading

Book Pimping!!!

Peter Grant, our own Bayou Renaissance Man, has the second book in his Cochrane’s Company series out! Click on the cover to get it!!! The blurb- Andrew Cochrane and his mercenaries have warded off a deadly onslaught by asteroid thieves. … Continue reading

Book pimping!!!

Peter Grant, better known as Bayou Renaissance Man,  has a new series out!!! Clicky the cover to get it! The blurb- The secret is out – the Mycenae system is the hottest new mineral find in the spiral arm. Now … Continue reading

More Books!!!

Holly Chism has a new series starting… Vampires no less! Click on the cover to go to it! The Blurb- Meg Turner has been a vampire for twenty years. Her favorite food is rapists. Which is how she met Andi … Continue reading

Book pimping!!!

Alma Boykin has a new book out!!! Click on the cover to go to the book! The 10th book in the series, it continues the ‘adventures’ Rada and others. The Blurb- Years, lightyears, and enemies… It’s enough to turn a … Continue reading

Book pimping!!!

Lawdog’s book is now available on Audible! click on the cover to go to the link. The blurb- LawDog had the honor of representing law and order in the Texas town of Bugscuffle as a Sheriff’s Deputy, where he became … Continue reading

Boosting the signal…

Marty has a new anthology out! Click on the cover to order! The Blurb- No one knew how it began. The world fell in just a few weeks.  Some people survived. Some decided to live. I’ve got a short story … Continue reading