Book pimping!!!

Lawdog’s book is now available on Audible! click on the cover to go to the link. The blurb- LawDog had the honor of representing law and order in the Texas town of Bugscuffle as a Sheriff’s Deputy, where he became … Continue reading

Boosting the signal…

Marty has a new anthology out! Click on the cover to order! The Blurb- No one knew how it began. The world fell in just a few weeks.  Some people survived. Some decided to live. I’ve got a short story … Continue reading

New reads!!!

Ben English has a book out, called Yonderings! You can click the cover to get it! The Blurb- It was a time before Terlingua Ranch and chili cook-offs, and you could drive a hundred miles without seeing another vehicle or … Continue reading

A book, and a short story!!!

Ben English is a native of the Big Bend area, now retired and he’s written one helluva book about growing up in the region, and follows through to the present day. It’s coming out from TCU Press, the end of … Continue reading

New book!!!

Alma’s got a new book out! Written more for a YA audience, it’s still a fun read, for her world creation! Click the cover to order! The blurb- Adventure! Exploration! Martinus the m-dog! Lost cities and conspiracies! Strange creatures! And … Continue reading

Anthology update…

Currently waiting on one more story to come in, still shooting for an early October release. Looks like 10 stories total, as of now. It will probably come in right around 100,000 words, and will be available both in paperback … Continue reading

Boosting the signal!!!

Marty has a new book out!!! Click the cover to go to the Amazon link! The blurb- Elizabeth Cruze came to Earth for one reason: to buy weapons. She never counted on ending up in prison. Never fear, though, she’s … Continue reading

This could be interesting…

I posted earlier about the possibility of doing an anthology around the Calexit idea, and as of today, I’ve got four people who’ve signed up to do stories! It should be interesting to see what folks come up with, and … Continue reading

Books… Moar books!!!

Grrr… Still fighting some scheduler issues… Sorry folks! Tom Rogneby, AKA DaddyBear has the completed Minivandians opus up!!! You can hit the cover to get your copy!!! The blurb- Elsked, son of DaddyBear the Minivandian and Ruarin, the Lady of … Continue reading

Book Pimping over here…

DaddyBear has his first novel out, set in the world of ancient Rome.  It’s called ‘Via Serica‘. I beta read for Tom, and throughly enjoyed it. He got the details right, and as an Army vet, he described the interaction of soldiers in very believable way. … Continue reading