Book, er… Short story pimping… :-)

Alma over at Cat Rotator’s Quarterly has a new short out! And it’s only 0.99 cents!!! Click the cover to get it! The blurb- Of all the gods, men fear the Scavenger the most. Wise men and women take pains … Continue reading

Book pimping!!!

Peter’s third book in the Cochrane’s Company trilogy is up! Click the cover to get it! The Blurb- The shadow war started as a simple contract to defend a system against asteroid thieves. The harder Andrew Cochrane and Hawkwood Security … Continue reading

Book Pimping!!!

Peter Grant, our own Bayou Renaissance Man, has the second book in his Cochrane’s Company series out! Click on the cover to get it!!! The blurb- Andrew Cochrane and his mercenaries have warded off a deadly onslaught by asteroid thieves. … Continue reading

Book pimping!!!

Peter Grant, better known as Bayou Renaissance Man,  has a new series out!!! Clicky the cover to get it! The blurb- The secret is out – the Mycenae system is the hottest new mineral find in the spiral arm. Now … Continue reading

More Books!!!

Holly Chism has a new series starting… Vampires no less! Click on the cover to go to it! The Blurb- Meg Turner has been a vampire for twenty years. Her favorite food is rapists. Which is how she met Andi … Continue reading

Book pimping!!!

Alma Boykin has a new book out!!! Click on the cover to go to the book! The 10th book in the series, it continues the ‘adventures’ Rada and others. The Blurb- Years, lightyears, and enemies… It’s enough to turn a … Continue reading

Book pimping!!!

Lawdog’s book is now available on Audible! click on the cover to go to the link. The blurb- LawDog had the honor of representing law and order in the Texas town of Bugscuffle as a Sheriff’s Deputy, where he became … Continue reading

Boosting the signal…

Marty has a new anthology out! Click on the cover to order! The Blurb- No one knew how it began. The world fell in just a few weeks.  Some people survived. Some decided to live. I’ve got a short story … Continue reading

New reads!!!

Ben English has a book out, called Yonderings! You can click the cover to get it! The Blurb- It was a time before Terlingua Ranch and chili cook-offs, and you could drive a hundred miles without seeing another vehicle or … Continue reading

A book, and a short story!!!

Ben English is a native of the Big Bend area, now retired and he’s written one helluva book about growing up in the region, and follows through to the present day. It’s coming out from TCU Press, the end of … Continue reading