Book pimping!!!

Peter’s third book in the Cochrane’s Company trilogy is up!

Click the cover to get it!

The Blurb-

The shadow war started as a simple contract to defend a system against asteroid thieves. The harder Andrew Cochrane and Hawkwood Security fought, the worse things became. Now they find themselves embroiled in an interstellar war with an entire mafia!

Worse yet, the proceedings are so profitable – not to mention bloody – that they’ve attracted the attention of some of the worst criminal organizations in the galaxy. If Hawkwood is to survive, it’ll need all the wits, cunning and ingenuity it can muster – and the unwavering courage and dedication of its people.

The galaxy’s not big enough for both sides. One or the other will go to the wall. 

I was happy to be an alpha reader for this one also, and I think you will enjoy the final installment of the trilogy!!!


Book pimping!!! — 5 Comments

  1. The click thru connect from your blog worked fine. Before I bought i went to Amazon’s book suggestions for me. Since I bought the first two books, and have them too reviews, you’d think the third of the trilogy would be on my suggested book list. Nope, no mention. I also went to the sale page for book two. It lists book one and book two but no mention of this book. Ah, the wonders of technology!

    • I saw that last night, and had to go to Peter Grant’s author page, then sort by release date, to find the link. As you say, ain’t technology wonderful?

  2. Just finished the book. It brings the story full circle and was a good read. Now if only I had a Ringworld or Grey man book to read….